Happy Birthday The Baby View

Birthday Bash Giveaway

The Baby View is in party mode celebrating our 3rd Birthday!!  Helping us to celebrate by entering our Birthday Bash Giveaway! The businesses listed below have helped put together a very awesome present….just for you! 2cute – Doidy Cup and My Spoon & Bowl Feeding Set Baby Banz – Banz Mini Muffs Ear Defenders for 0-2 years BC […] Read more…

Portrait of unidentified Aboriginal woman wearing a possum skin cloak, carrying a child on her back, South Australia, ca. 1870s

Connecting and Community – ‘coo’ with and carry your baby

The most profound force in the Universe is the creative impulse of life. Our ancestors since the origin of time have sought the explanations of how life emerges from inanimate elements. These questions lie deep within spirituality and science, and even with continued enlightenment in both fields, the spontaneous initiation of life remains as much […] Read more…

Pumpkin pea haloumi fritters recip

Pumpkin, Pea and Haloumi Fritters Recipe

This pumpkin, pea and haloumi recipe by Nadia Lim is the second recipe in the Baby View Guest Chef Series. Pumpkin, Pea and Haloumi Recipe Serves 4-5 | Prep Time: 10 minutes | Cook Time: 15 minutes These fritters are a great way to get some vegetables into the kids (and adults!). The grated haloumi makes them really tasty! This is a great […] Read more…

Virtual Assistant - SNZ Management

Achieve More, It’s Possible

Business owners commonly cite ‘freedom’ as one of the main reasons why they went into business. However, one of the biggest frustrations they suffer from is feeling stuck with the tasks that constantly sit un-ticked at the bottom of the to-do list. These are the projects they want to be doing to grow their business […] Read more…

Satisfying and Simple Spaghetti Recipe by Nadia Lim

Simple and Satisfying Spaghetti Recipe

This simple and satisfying spaghetti recipe by Nadia Lim is a part of The Baby View Guest Chef Series. Simple and Satisfying Spaghetti Recipe Serves 4 | Prep Time: 5 minutes | Cook Time: 20 minutes INGREDIENTS olive oil ¼ cup onions 2, chopped garlic 3 cloves, chopped crushed tomatoes 2 cans tomato paste 1x 140g pottle sugar 1 ½ teaspoons vinegar 2 teaspoons […] Read more…

Love Plant Life

Business Spotlight: Love Plant Life

Love Plant Life, delicious seeds for your food-growing needs! Based on the Kapiti Coast, Anna and Richard use bio-intensive, organic methods to grow quality vegetables, herbs and seeds. Their seeds are open pollinated and untreated. You can be sure these seeds will grow into a stunning, delicious and nutritious vegetable garden. Click here to learn […] Read more…

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