Birth Story: Tanya Douglas

I have 2 birth stories.

With baby number 1 I ended up in hospital at about 28 weeks with pre eclampsia, ended up being induced at 32 weeks. Induced at 9am, 1pm, 4pm. at 2.15am my waters broke and I ended up with an epidural, midwife was monitoring closely as they were worried that baby would become distressed. Ended up with a forceps delivery at 2.30pm.

Baby #2 decided i wanted things to be different. At 40 + 4 days MW said i would probably need to be induced on the following Tuesday  2 days before i was supposed to be induced I woke up @ 6.30am in labour with my contractions being 15-20 minutes apart. by 7.30am I was in the bath. Got to hospital at 9.35am and 7cm & at 9.58am our gorgeous daughter was born. I definitely enjoyed it second time around, i got to experience a ‘real birth’ IYGWIM? and was home by 2.45pm 🙂

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