Birth Story: Janelle Baine

When my midwife ordered me an additional scan at 28 weeks, I was comforted by the fact that my midwife was taking extra precautions because my baby was measuring small for my dates. The day before this I was in tears because my doctor called and told me that there was protein in my urine sample.

The next morning I had a phone call from my midwife she asked me to get up to the hospital immediately as there were some concerns. This is not what I wanted nor expected to hear. Once we were there I was told that I had pre-eclampsia and given steroids because my baby would be coming early and these steroids would mature his lungs and make it easier for him to breath. Here I was thinking I had three months to go! Because of my severity and the fact that I was only 28 weeks pregnant we were taken to Waikato Hospital. I stayed there for one night, and because there was no room, we were taken to Auckland City Hospital.

Our son Lucas was delivered by emergency C-section at 28 weeks and weighed just 1000grams or 2lbs 2oz and was 35.7cm long. His head was only the size of a tennis ball he was tiny. When he arrived he was whipped away to NICU and I didn’t see him until the next day. On day 5 we got to hold him for the first time, I would express breast milk for him to be fed through a tube, when he was first born he only needed two mils per every two hours.

After a week in Auckland we were taken to Waikato again where we stayed about 30 days, and then back to Rotorua where we stayed about another 2 weeks. Finally on October the 12th he can home, we were so over the moon to just have him home after spending so long in hospital.

I was so alone and scared through my journey, I was away from my home town away from my family and in fear of my baby’s life at times, because of my experience I have started up a organization “Early Buds” to give comfort to other parents going through the same thing, we supply prem packs to parents currently in NICU or SCBU filled with sponsored products for prems and their parents.

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