Birth Story: Meagan Alison

Hi, my name is Meagan Alison, this is my birth story…

I had an amazing pregnancy, everything went perfectly except for morning sickness in the beginning, i started showing at 12weeks, and grew quite big and always looked alot bigger then anyone else due the same time. In the last few weeks of my pregnancy, everyone who didnt know, assumed i was having twins..
my due date came around and still nothing.. which we found odd, seeing as the midwives/doctors thought i would go early if anything!

I ended up going over 2weeks, and only went into labour because i was induced, i went into the hospital on a tuesday afternoon and had gell rubbed on my cervix to try and soften it up and bring on labour. Nothing had happened by morning and i was taken to the birthing suite at 7am to have my waters broken. a few minutes after my waters were broken, my babies heart rate started to disapeer, within seconds there went from being 3 midwives/doctors in the room to being roughly 20 or so..
i was about to get wheeled out to have an emergency c-section when bubba’s heart magicly came back up!! i was closly monited from then on.

I had a drip in, so my contractions were pretty full on from the start. i had a little wire screwed into the top of my babies head which monitors there heart rate, was painful to be inserted. it wasnt reading very clearly and they decided to remove it and try a new one. Was terribly painful for me as i hadnt dialated at all.  They got the new one on, and it read exactly the same as the old one..=( so went through all that for nothing.

The pain started getting a bit much for me, so i attempted gas, it made me throw up i only had it on for a few seconds. I continued to throw up through out the labour my guess is from all the medicine going threw my body.  I got a shot of morphine in the top of my thigh which was amazing!  u still felt the pain but it made u relax and feel tired.. very hard to explain. I also found sitting in the hot shower with my patner rubbing my back helped alot!!

By around 3pm i was checked to see how far i was dialated.. turns out i was only 2-3 cms.

I had a few midwives come in and strongly suggested that i should have an epidural to relax me and hopefully that would make me dilate.  I had a surgeon come in explain everything to me, as i really was hopping not to have one. Then i decided to have one cause he said if i dont show any sign of dialating soon, i will have to have a c-section, so i agreed.  The anesthetic felt like a massive bee sting and the whole presigure was uncomftable and felt like it took forever!
after a few minutes after it was all done they checked to see if i was numb yet,with an ice cube.  The epidural did absoulutly nothing!!! My contractions were getting alot stronger too.

They decided to give the epidural another try… and the second one only numbed my legs!!!!! so i now couldnt move around, and felt every strong conactions i got!!  At around 6pm i was checked again,(my partner insisted, as they were going to try yet another epidural!!) I was still only 2-3cms and was infromed i was going to have to have a c-section.

I was a mixture of scared but relieved that we were finally going to be parents!  As i got my spinal block, my partner was not allowed in the room, but was present for the rest of it.  It took forever for the spinal block tobe done, and once it was u shake unbelievlbly alot! from all the medicine.

My partner and i were talking when out of nowhere, i felt tugging!! i didnt even no they had started! my partner had a few looks through out n updated me.. i waited intensly to hear anything!! and then there was a little cry ..=) biggest sign of relief!!  They brought bubba around for us to discover what the sex was..A BABY BOY!!

They then did the quick checks on him,and my partner got to cut a bit of the cord, and was brought back over for me to hold, he instantly started to suck on my cheeks =)

He was a perfectly healthy baby who jut didnt want to come out! He was 54cm long, head circumfance 37cm, 9.4pounds! and was brought into this world at 8.15pm on the 25/1/11..was a long tirering day!  The worse part of this whole experience,was when both my newbon and partner had to go back up to the birthing suite todo the full check on bubba and weigh and measure him. while i got stictched up and waited in recovery..

I was released out ofthe hospital at 5pm on the thursday felt amazing! a little sore where i was cut, and in my back from all the needles.. i had alot of bruising.

We named him Malekai Kealen.

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