Product Review: Bamboo Flushable Liners

100% Bamboo Flushable LinersPeapods bamboo flushable liners are made from 100% bamboo so are Biodegradable, flushable and Compostable making them great for the environment and hassle free to use no matter where you are. They are long, strong and soft meaning they fit comfortably in any cloth nappy and will catch anything and won’t break easily.

These liners are antibacterial and with a little bit of water double as a wet wipe to keep your baby’s bottom clean and cared for. They are economical and come in rolls of 100.

I would highly recommend these liners to anyone who wants an economically priced, flushable liner that’s good for your baby and cares for the environment.

Click here to buy online on Peapods website.

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