Birth Story: Mellissa Pestana

After a year and a half of trying for a baby hubby and I were sent to the gyno who prescribed clomiphene (clomid) and after 3 more months we were pregnant. Very excited and scared. Things went along nicely until 30 weeks when we had a little scare but luckily they stopped labour and I went on to delivery a beautiful baby girl at 39 weeks.

We decided to start trying for number 2 as soon as we could due to the time it took to conceive our first. We were shocked but happy to find out we were expecting again when my daughter was only 7 weeks old.

I had morning sickness this time round and was very tired. I woke up one morning when I would have been about 8 weeks to spotting. I was very scared but everyone assured me that it can happen to some people. The bleeding only got worse and we decided to go up to ed to get checked out. They did bloods and a scan. The scan showed only a sac measuring 5 weeks. A follow up blood test confirmed that we had lost the baby. They told me to be prepared to bleed quite a bit and to pass some tissue. I was so scared about what was going to happen and I felt angry with myself that I could let this baby die.  I knew there was nothing I could do but I still blamed myself for the loss. After the bleeding we decided to keep on trying for our second baby.

A couple of months passed but just before Christmas we found out we were expecting again. We were of course very scared and didn’t tell anyone. Our little girl was only 6 months at the time. We took each day as it came. I did about 20 different pregnancy tests over the course of 2 weeks just to make sure the line was getting darker and that it still said positive.

The day came for our scan and I was petrified as I went alone. Sitting in the waiting room felt like years passing by. My turn, I climbed onto the bed and just closed my eyes. “There’s the heart beating away”, the lady told me. I couldn’t help but smile and have tears of joy. I had a couple of extra scans just to make sure things were going fine and by 20 weeks we found out we were expecting another little girl.

Things were going great apart from the normal pregnancy moans and groans, but at 28 weeks I started feeling a little uneasy. I told my midwife that something didn’t feel right. She ordered some tests but everything was fine. My gut still told me something wasn’t right. At 32 weeks I went into hospital for severe flu like symptoms only to find out I was actually in labour and very dehydrated. They gave me so many different pills and medication to stop labour but it only died down, never completely stopped. 2 weeks later, at 34 weeks, after on off contractions, I rung my midwife because I had started bleeding and contractions were getting worse. I had a scan done and my placenta was coming away thus causing the bleeding. After being on the monitor we had realised that my contractions were actually 5 min apart. As things weren’t progressing any further, but still having contractions, they put me on the ward and told staff to prepare for this baby to come over night. Not even and hour later as I was getting out of the shower, my waters broke and contractions were full one. No time in between. Got back to delivery and I was already 4cm. They hooked me back onto the monitor and put and iv line in. After 3 and a half hours I told my midwife that I needed to push. She was shocked and said that it couldn’t be so soon. She checked me and I was ready to go. She was still putting her gloves on and calling everyone who needed to be there when babies head came out. She was pressing buttons and all sorts, the doctor who had asked to deliver my daughter made it in time to catch her feet. She literally just popped out. Because she was breathing on her own and doing fine they let me have some skin to skin with her before taking her to SCBU.

Our SCBU journey was a pretty short one compared to others and she had no complications  We just needed to sort her feeding out and get her to put on some weight. At 35 weeks and 5 days (almost 2 weeks old) we finally got to take our daughter home. I knew coming home was going to be a challenge with a 15 month old. But actually, things were way easier than I thought. Our eldest loves her little sister and is always wanting to help with feeding, changing and burping her little sister. She runs around the house calling to us ‘hold’ so that we will let her hold her sister. She always goes up to her and kisses her on the face. We are very luck that our eldest was so understanding but I am convinced it is because we took her with to all the scans and spoke to her about the new baba everyday. She was prepared as to what was going to happen.

The girls are now 16 months and 7 weeks and both doing great. I still have my great helper and our youngest is growing nicely. We are even going to start trying for number 3 in a couple of weeks.

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