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When you get married, the inevitable happens. I’ve experienced it already actually, since before I got married two weeks ago. My mother in law has been at us to have kids since we got engaged; but now that we are married, it’s a whole new barrel of monkeys. Friends and family alike are all asking the same question:
“So when do you think you’ll start having kids?”
Unbeknownst to them, we have already started towards this journey. Back in August, I went to the doctors and talked it all over and walked out with a new prescription for Folic Acid instead of my usual contraceptive, armed with pages and pages of information of what to and what not to do.
We both want a relatively large family – around 4 kids, we’re happy to give and take a with that number at the moment. And so this is an extremely exciting part of life for us, we’re on our way to being a family of more than two.
So with our wedding and honeymoon now lasting memories, we get to do the fun stuff. Making babies! (Not that all the rest hasn’t been fun, it has, I promise you.) The hardest part about trying to conceive is the waiting – the waiting to see if your period doesn’t come, the waiting to take the test (If you’re late – it’s hard not to get your hopes up!), the waiting to find out the sex, the waiting for the arrival of your wee bundle of joy. Gosh, it’s a lot of waiting, isn’t it?
Today, is another day of waiting, I was due yesterday and a little red friend and its accompanying  friends have yet to make an appearance, or even a hint of an appearance. And I’m trying not to get my hopes up because I know that because I only came off my contraceptive 2 months ago, it’s a possibility that I’m just not regular yet. So we’re going to wait it out until the end of the week and if those little friends of mine, you know the ones, the headaches, the cramps and other such assorted friends, haven’t made an appearance, we’ll make a trip to get a test and see where that leads us.
So here’s to waiting. Hopefully, next time I will have good news for you all.
S x

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