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My name is Lyn, I am a 29 year old mother to two beautiful children from a previous relationship – Sairah is nearly 10 and Liam is 7 – so a newborn is going to be a shock to us all! I am currently pregnant with my partner, Andrews, first child.
We officially have 26 days to go!! 
I am more than ready for this baby so its just a case of playing the waiting game now!! All is well when it comes to growth and he is in the optimum position for birth. He hasnt dropped at all which is leaving me rather breathless at times and I end up watching TV in the evenings sitting on a swiss ball with my hands above my head!!
I have had a few ‘nesting urges’ which I have come to realise that when you have other children, is a waste of time as it only needs cleaning the next day anyway!!
I have been lucky enough to have not had any cravings as such this pregnancy – except for a couple of weeks ago I managed to solely go through two litres of milk a day – that only lasted a week though so wasnt too expensive!!
I have had a chat to my midwife about my ‘birth plan’ – its more of a ‘we’ll see what happens on the day type of plan’ – I was wanting a homebirth but Andrew isnt keen on the idea so we have agreed we will go to the hospital and then if everything goes to plan, come home as soon as we are able. I am pretty much open to anything and being at the hospital gives me more options than being at home I think – the option of a birthing pool and endless amounts of hot water for starters!! In saying that, we went swimming at the hot pools in Taupo a few weeks ago and I hated the feeling!! The water seemed to distribute the weight over my whole body and I just felt ewww! My midwife said that it was interesting as its the first time she has heard anyone say that. I have no worries about giving birth – I think that stems from it being so easy last time. That was 7 years ago so I am prepared for it to not be so easy but I am hanging onto the fact that it will be the same!!
Anyway, here is a photo of my ’36 week belly’ – I am yet to take some full body shots that actually include my head!!
You may hear from me again, if not, the next update will be telling you about the birth of our little boy.
26 weeks – And feeling every week of it. Im on the countdown now but am unsure what to use, months or weeks. 3 months or 14 weeks? There are less months but the weeks go down faster!!
Now, whats the point of a blog without a bit of honesty right? Ill be the first to admit that pregnancy is not all fun and games, glowing skin and hours spent rubbing the belly. (Talking about that “glow”, Im still waiting for it! All I have is dark circles under my eyes and stretch marks on my belly!)  The last few weeks have been tough to say the least. On top of job and financial worries I have been feeling far from attractive, for my partner or even within myself. I have been so tired all I want to do is sleep but as soon as my head hits the pillow my eyes are wide open. Its not even a case of just tossing and turning all night, this is flat on my back, staring at the ceiling type of thing. I have also been having thoughts of “What the hell have I done?” which sucks considering this is a much planned and wanted baby. There has even been numerous times I have burst in to tears because all the movement was just getting to me. All I wanted him to do was go away and stop booting me.
I have since had an appointment with my midwife and had a good cry to her. She is fantastic. She listened, didnt treat me like a crazy ungrateful preggo freak and gave me a few options on what I could do. I have suffered from depression before so can recognise the signs so I dont think I am at the stage of visiting my gp but will start with getting out of the house more – exercise and fresh air does work wonders and I am starting to feel abit better and more positive about life already. My midwife, and myself, are also now more aware of the fact that I am more ‘susceptible’ to post natal depression and are working to minimise the attack before it gets the chance to strike. Just little things like me having plans to start walking as soon as she gives me the ok, making an effort to take baby to music etc, and also going to ante natal classes to hopefully join a coffee group. Its little things like realising that I am not the only one out there going through this and it is ok to ask for help that I need to realise.

On the up side, our little man is head down, bum up and in the optimum position for birth, lets just hope he stays that way! And he is also one step closer to having a name – but I have had that thought before. Everyone says women are bad, but geez men are just as bad when it comes to changing their minds!! 

I’ll leave it at that for now, the sun is actually out today so I may make the most of it and take the dogs for a bath down the road, its been a while!
17 weeks and 5 days to go………if baby decides to arrive on my due date!

It's a...Boy

It has been a rather uneventful few weeks since my last post…..except for our 20 week scan and discovering the sex of our impending arrival of deliciousness!
We are happy to announce that we are having a little BOY! His measurements show that he is bang on dates and is doing as he should. I have had heaps of movement lately and even recorded a few ‘belly ripples’ this afternoon! My midwife had her guess as a girl based on the old wives tale of heart rate speed, the Chinese birth chart said girl and quite a few people we know had their guesses as a girl! I had no inkling as to what baby may be, but have to admit I was a little surprised to find out it was a boy!  
We are still no further ahead in name ideas. What I thought we had semi decided on, Andrew has decided he doesn’t like enough to use anymore! 17 weeks is along time with a growing belly and difficulty sleeping but its not that long to come up with a suitable name for the entire life of your child!
We are pretty much sorted in regards to baby gear/clothing. I just need to rearrange/tidy the office so I can fit it all in! We have a set of drawers that are sitting in the shed sanded, painted and ready for new handles. I even got abit carried away the other day and washed all the clothes and hung them out in the sun. It was so nice to bring in warm and snuggly little baby clothes. I have to admit they looked abit weird hanging on the line!
19 weeks 3 days and counting down to my 20 week scan – cant wait to see baby again and hopefully find out what we are having. Im finding it hard to buy gender neutral clothes and the few things I have purchased are blue, so maybe thats telling me something!! Time will tell and I will keep you all updated. We have 90% settled on names, after many ‘yes, no, eww, nah I know someone/a dog/a cow with that name’ type of suggestions. Naming a baby is hard!!
The last few weeks have been abit tough, for various reasons but I wont bore you with the non pregnancy related stuff! I have been having stabbing like pains on the right side of my lower back/top of my bum from about 10 weeks. My midwife has said that it is my sciatic nerve and to exercise, by either walking or swimming. Im kind of limited as I cant swim and by the time I walk to the letterbox I am waddling like a full term pregnant elephant!! I made an appointment with a lady who works from home (about 6 houses down from house) for a pregnancy massage – and oh my god, what a difference it has made! I went for about 10 days without pain before it reared its head again – so this afternoon I am off for another one! She did mention to me that my whole right side was ‘abit of a mess’ and very tight and knotted – so I think I have just become her newest regular!!
A few days ago I had a wee meltdown, with tears and all. Nothing is fitting, I have nothing to wear and I dont even really have a bump to show for it! Ive just lost my waist – so instead of looking nearly 20 weeks pregnant, I look like I need to attend bootcamp at the gym and stay off the pies! I feel ridiculous wearing the one pair of maternity jeans that I have, but i’m loving the elastic waist and being able to just pull them up. They should make all jeans like that – they are fantastic!! Im feeling better about it all now( as I sit here in my elastic waisted pj pants!), Ill just blame it on the hormones!
The big news of this addition to the blog – is MOVEMENT!! Its so exciting, you forget how it feels, and the goofy grin that you get when you get a boot in the bladder! Ive been feeling things since about 13/14 weeks but half the time I was unsure whether it was baby or gas! This is definate movement though, I can even feel it on the outside. Andrew is yet to feel it, everythime he puts his hand on my tummy, the baby goes still. Heres hoping he still has the magic touch when baby arrives!!
Until next update – keep safe, happy and healthy.
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16 Weeks:
Wow, where to start?!! The beginning is probably a fail safe place!
My name is Lyn, I am a 29 year old mother to two beautiful children from a previous relationship – Sairah is nearly 10 and Liam is 7 – so a newborn is going to be a shock to us all! I am currently 16 weeks pregnant with my partner, Andrews, first child. It has been a long time coming! After eighteen months of trying, we visited our GP who ordered the normal load of tests, and referred us to the fertility clinic at our local hospital. All our tests came back fine, so we trotted down to the chemist and picked up some elevit and menevit and started our nightly ‘ritual’ of pill popping!!
Six weeks later on the 10th October we received our appointment in the mail. On the 11th of October I decided to test……and so our story begins!!
I rung the midwife I had with Liam (she is fabulous!!), had a chat and she sent me some blood forms to check my HCG levels. The first lot came back extremely low for my dates, the next lot were better but still low and the last lot were ‘as expected’. Due to the first low lot of bloods I was sent for a dating scan which showed us our little ‘bean’ and a very strong heartbeat and confirmed that my dates where correct – so the countdown to 17th June begins.
Morning sickness and pure exhaustion well and truly kicked in around the 7 week mark. I continuously felt queezy, and could only stomach marmite on toast, which then graduated to avocado and tomato on toast at around 10 weeks, followed by a desire to survive solely on mashed potato or rice until I could finally stand ‘normal food’ at around 13 weeks. Even now I am a tad picky on what I will and wont eat. I either want it or I dont, which is becoming abit of issue when it comes to Andrew cooking dinner! The tiredness was just something I have never experienced in my life! I was just so physically and mentally exhausted, I was falling asleep on the couch at 5 in the afternoon and still managing to sleep all night!

My midwife managed to find babies heartbeat at 9 and a half weeks, which was pretty exciting. It still amazes me how fast it is!

I had the 12 week nuchal scan and blood tests, I havent heard the results from midwife yet, so I assume they are fine. Not that it changes anything for me. The main reason I had the scan was so I could have another sneak peak at our little bundle. 🙂

So, that is basically it up until now! Nearly 17 weeks, a decent amount of energy, an expanding belly and so much to look forward to!

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