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The Baby View have been lucky to enough to follow one of our Facebook members, Sarah, thoughout her pregnancy.

My names Sarah I’m a young mum with one 3 year old boy from a previous relationship, i met my partner in December of 09 and where due to be married this weekend (April 2011)

1st Trimester:

We found out I was pregnant with number 2 on the 15th of November, worked in well at the time became a good birthday present for my partner. Then our next challenge was to try and find a midwife once it had been confirmed to find out exactly how far along we are. So we took a drive to try and find a midwife which didn’t get us anywhere so we came home and i started going through the yellow pages trying to find a midwife.

After an hour i’d rung nearly 20 different midwifes and still not getting anywhere and i was just sitting there randomly flicking through the online yellow pages and on 1 of the pages was 1 number for a midwife specializing in home births and water births and i thought to myself well this sounds like me, gave her a ring and was the 1st midwife i rung that i actually got somewhere with and she had a slot free to see me the following week so we could try and find out how far along i actually was.

2 blood tests later was finally confirmed that i was only 4 weeks along and i was due roughly around the 17th of July and here i was thinking i was closer to 3 months, by 8 weeks i was still feeling not to bad but come 9 weeks the constant nausea kicked in and i could only eat certain foods. So then for the next 6 weeks my diet was made up solely of mince n cheese pies and cheese burgers not top of my diet but it was all i could stomach without being sick and then a friend of mine told me to try natropharm morning med which became my life saver and i could start eating a bit more normal foods which was a huge relief for me and at 12 weeks we had our first scan to see how our baby was doing.

I missed out on the first scan with my son so was exciting to have the 12 week scan done and that came back fine our little 1 was measuring 4.5cms at 12 weeks and i was thinking yay a little baby.

2nd Trimester:

At 13 weeks i still had my friend morning sickness but thankfully i hadn’t actually vomited yet, the only good thing that came of it was because i was all ready on the big side i managed to lose 20 kgs and get me back down to a normal weight range which was great but even though id lost weight i was having huge issues with getting my clothes to fit.

So off to the shop i went to by the pregnancy belt extender that goes on your pants which was good gave me a bit of extra time to find clothes but thankfully it was summer so i just lived in my tights and tunics which was good. But i was noticing that i had know where near as much energy as i did with my son and i was all ready looking at having to stop working as i was doing in home child care.  I was struggling to keep up with my children and my morning sickness was still making it hard for me to do much and now at 16 weeks i was most definitely starting to show and trying to get comfortable at night was not the easiest thing. And it didn’t help that it was very hot so we always had the fan going at night to try and keep me cool.

At 19 weeks the morning sickness finally left and in return i had really bad indigestion and heart burn so it was back to watching what i could and couldn’t eat.

At 20 weeks 3 days, we got to have our scan to see how baby was doing and came back saying that she was the length of nearly 21 weeks so id gone from having a short baby to having a long baby which id sort or figured out. As of 16 weeks i was starting to feel the odd kick and because the placenta was over my tummy i wouldn’t feel the kicks as strongly as i normally and then they had to try and figure out what we where having and our little 1 seemed determined not to let us find out but after awhile, bubs let us know and it was a girl which we are all so excited about.

At 21 weeks my partners mum was given the hugest and i mean hugest pile of girls clothes to give us so Ive been spending my days going through all her clothes and i’m now at 23/24 weeks and not feeling too badly. My backs giving me a lot of problems but i’m thinking thats because i’m carrying at my front and i’m feeling a bit top heavy but i’m loving the kicks i get from our little girl.

I can tell that she must have long legs because her kicks feel like they have a lot of power behind them and i’m lucky i have my partner at home to help me with our son because its very hard for me to get down to the ground, i celebrated my 24 birthday last weekend and my mum bought me lots of maternity clothes which was awesome and my partners mum bought me a pair of maternity jeans and it feels amazing to be wearing jeans again for the 1st time in like 3 months as for the last 3 weeks id been living in my track pants as I’ve had nothing else that fitted me and with the mornings being a bit colder i needed long pants.

Week 25/26

Hey guys,

Well its been another week, another week closer to the when we finally get to met our little girl, its been a rather busy week for us.

Last saturday the 2nd of April me and my partner got married in a small backyard wedding at my mums house with our closest family members there and it was so wonderful getting to marry my amazing partner, we had my son in a tshirt made from onsie bumsies and he looked so smart in his shirt with his tie sewn on it and then that night our son 3 years crashed out at 5:30pm and we thought yay we get a night of peace but no by 9pm he was awake so it was a long night trying to get him back to sleep.

Sunday night was a repeat of Saturday unfortunately so as you can imagine being nearly 6 months preg I’m feeling the effects of sleep deprivation.

Monday was a fairly quite day, though i could start feeling a winter chill coming on so it was time to grab out a few xtra layers of clothes and start uping my vitamin c levels which wasnt hard as we have a huge abudance of feijoas, still suffering from lack of sleep i think our lil 1s feeling a bit squashed when mummy sits down coz as soon as i hope into bed at the end of the night our lil girl wakes up and starts bouncing off her walls so as you coud imagine and i love feeling her kicks but at 10pm when i want sleep i dont enjoy them as much as i do during the day so by the time i do manage to get to sleep after getting up which feels like 50 times to go to the bathroom its close to 1am by the time i fall off to sleep.

Tuesday was another eventful day we ended up spending half our arvo in A&E with our son as he was refusing to use his arm even tho he hadnt done anything unusual to it so a few xrays and other tests later came back saying there was nothing wrong so wasnt a happy camper when i heard that so back off home we go and then the next day (wednesday) it was my husbands turn to be in hospital and as we dont really have anyone to help with our son we had to drag our son up to the hospital with us so 4 hours later with 1 very grumpy child we finaly left, with not really having any answers of why my husband was in so much pain lol, so overall this week, ive been so busy ive hardly had time to think too much bout being pregnat but i can say that my friend heartburn and idegestion are still well n truly present and im start to feel very huge even tho ive only gained 2cms around my tummy lol, we got the last 2 things for babys cot that we needed so i attempted to make that and it wasnt as easy as i thought it would be made me wonder how i manged to make my sons cot and he was in a portacot, making a beds defintly so much easier, still feeling snuffly and ick but know where near as bad as i was on monday.

Week 27

Well another week down, another week closer to the due date. We’ve been having a good think about our birth options and right from the start I was dead set on a having a home birth but since making that decsion we’ve come to realise that in our little house a home birth just woudnt work and trying to fit 5 people plus a a birthing pool into a little lounge isnt a thought that works, so we’ve decided that where going to go with the option of a birthing centre which in the long run probly is a much better idea. Its been good because this week I’ve actually been feeling really good, just a bit of heart burn and my energy levels have actually started to return which im loving and I’ve started really enjoying walking again, saw our midwife yesterday and she said that our little girls still got plenty of room in her little home. Been sorting through everything to work out what we need and what don’t need and discovered that we have lots of old sheets that can made into cot sheets and burp cloths, so thats 1 less cost to worry about and we discovered we had heaps and heaps of cot blankets which was awesome. We’ve been feeling lots and lots of movements which i love, our 1st still hasnt regestired that hes going to be a big brother yet so i think someones going to get a big shock when July comes. Not too much to write about for this week its been a pretty boring week for us which is a nice change.

Week 28

Well another week down, another week closer to our due date, I’m so looking forward to my due date, unlike with my son im over being pregnat, this 1s been making its presence well know since i was about 6 weeks pregnat so you can’t blame me for wanting it to be over, was reading on the treasures site that baby weighs about as much as a bag of sugar and i was thinking to myself well that explains why i feel so heavy all the time. We’ve finally settled on a name for our little girl and the name we choose was Bella-rose nice and simple with a beautiful meaning. i feel rather pleased my sons old highchair which was an expensive 1 from farmers scrubbed up really well and i found an old baby bag which i put through the wash and that came up brand new. Finally settled on our birth plan was orginaly going to have a home birth but since making that decsion we’ve realised that our place is just not suitable as we have a bit of moisture problems with our house so we’ve decided that a birthing centres probaly a better idea as i really don’t want to go near a hospital and at least my hubby gets to stay with me at the birthing centre. nothing to exciting to write about for this week, just been a normal week. Still got my heatburn but shes let up her control over what i can and can’t eat so I’ve been enjoying eating a wider range of food, which has been so good.

Week 29

Well its been another week, been suffering from really bad heartburn this week and unfortunately nothing works to get rid of the heart burn. We have a huge apple tree in our backyard so we decided to stew up a big pile of apples for once bella-rose is on solids must of taken us like 3 hours to peel, chop and cook all the apples but at least we have a nice big stock pile of stewed apples for bubs. Though I’m feeling a bit sore in my lower back from having to stand for so long, my hubby informed me that when i fall asleep at night that bubs gets super active and hes been able to feel some decent kicks from her. I have my blood work to be done next week which I’m not looking forward to as I’m not a big fan of having my blood taken. Had to have that done heaps back at the start to figure out exactly how far along i am and sometimes i do wonder if I’m a month further along then what my dates say. I just feel like im further along then the 29 weeks i am but that could be because unlike with my son this pregnacy hasnt been fun and I am really looking forward to my due date. So glad i only have 2 more months to get through before the countdown begins, ummmm nothing to exciting to write about this week, if it was a blog about parenting toddlers I’d have a lot to write about lol.

Week 30

Well another week down, we where just talking about how my due date is so close. I’m expected on the 25th but because my son was early I’m expected as early as the 15th of july, so not long to go at all.

As Bella puts on more weight I’m definitely noticing that my back is getting alot worse and I’ve been craving fruit big time but i cant eat much fruit because it makes me feel rather unwell which suxs. This one seems only interested in 1 thing and thats junk food which is driving me a bit barmy. Only get my heart burn or indegestion now when i eat something that Bella doesnt agree with so thats a good thing.

Every time our oldest crys Bella starts kicking me really hard its rather funny when you feel how hard shes kicking me.

Went to check out the birthing centre that i plan on giving birth at and i couldnt get over how flash the place was so looking forward to giving birth there so much nicer then a hospital. Nothing too exciting happening yet but at 30 weeks i woudnt expect there to be lol. Still suffering from lack of sleep but thats because Mr 3 is still refusing to sleep through the night.

We actually managed to find bubs feet on a few occasions now as shes had them pushed into the bottom of my ribcage so that was a exciting moment but other then that i think thats all i have to write on for this week.

Week 31

Well its been a very full on week. On Saturday we thought our little girl had decided that she wanted to come early, so I went up to the hospital in lots of pain imagining the worst as you do.

5 hours later and lots and lots of tests later we where told that i was fine and that i could go home. She was measured and was 30 cms and when i checked on the weeks once i got home that was the size of a 33 week so im a tad confused about how far along i am.

Did my dates get mixed up or something and im due sooner then everyone thinks coz its not like me and my partner are tall people both of us are classed as being short and when i saw my midwife on tuesday she said bubs was just right and still had plenty of room in there, so im feeling a tad confused.

I mean i loved it alot if my dates were wrong and i was actually due 17th of june instead of 17th of july i know that mistakes get made all the time and this could be 1 of those times lol looking forward to my due date whenever that may be as our little girls been lying in my left side all pregnacy and im starting to get very sore not to mention the brusied feeling i have just under my ribcage from where theres a foot or a knee firmly implated.

We now officaly have everything for bubs we just had to get nappys and dummys just incase we need them so now its all a matter of waiting, i have also attached a photo so everyone can see my bump lol


Week 32

Well what a full on week this has been after being in hospital last weekend my pains never really went away and pretty much stayed with me for the whole week.  Well on tuesday i felt like i was going into labour and it got so bad that i coudnt walk or even talk so i rung my midwife who told me to go up to the hospital as it sounded like i was going into labour and of course when i got told that i started to painic and stress more which just made things worse.  Off to the hospital i went again. I got hooked up to all the mointers and bubs movements and her heart rate where all over the place, so after doing bloods and everything else they kept me in over night and in the morning i was told all my tests where fine and that more then likely i have an irratable uterus which basicly means my uterus is contracting more then it should and sometimes it does mean that you will go into labour early.

Which didnt ease my mind in the slightest and over course by the morning i was exhausted becuase by the time id stop contracting it’d been happening for about 12 hours and if know ones had it before the best example is that you feel like you’ve been constantly having to do contractions or if youve had kids before then you constantly have that urge to push that doesnt go away.

So I’m now home and resting my midwife told me to take flaxseed oil or fish oil i opted for the flaxseed as i new that woudnt repeat on me anywhere near as much.  I do hope they work coz at this stage my bodys not settling down and even standings causing them to come back which is a bit annoying, so at this stage im just taking it slow and hoping i dont fo into labour early.

Week 33

Well its been another long week no more vists to the hospital so far. Having to adjust to my uterus constantly contracting has been very hard to get used to.

I’m pleased that I dont have long to go coz the pain from this is defintly unbearable, tho some days are better then others but more often then not. Nothing too exciting happening as i can’t exactly do much it takes me nearly 10 mins just to walk to the toilet. So im not to keen to get up and go walking but im taken up doing puzzles again to take my mind off everything, which is working well. Well most days it works lol

Got my midwife coming next week which im very much looking forward too. Our little girl has her foot or her knee pushed up into my ribcage most days and i wake up in the morning with my ribs feeling very brusied and ill try n get her to move but all i get back is a good sharp kick and i can feel her trying to turn around but i don’t think it works out too well for her lol.

Week 34

well its been another long week, the level of pain im in has defintly gone up a degree or 6 lol its got to the point now that on top of the irratable uterus im getting really bad strecthing pains so evertime i move i get real sever pain through my hips and as long as I dont move im fine but once i move, i think i move at the speed of a dying tortise lol and now to add to things im not sleeping well at night cos i can’t find a postion to lie in that doesnt hurt which suxs but so glad that i dont have much longer to go, have to look into finding myself a new hobby to do to take my mind off everything but not sure what to do, I’ve done all the puzzles i had and that didnt last long but i discovered the other day that my sons bed gets sun in the arvo so ive taken to lying on his bed in the afternoon and ive even managed to continue reading my book i started at xmas “mums raising sons”by nigel latta its a very very good book by the way lol, with any luck by next week i might have something a bit more exciting to write about, im new to writing a blog lol

Week 35

well I’m so glad where pretty much into the final month of this pregnacy because im getting over all the hospital trips, i ended up back in hospital last friday from unbearable pain and lets just say i doubt ill be going back up to the hosptial anytime soon because it seemed like that because i didnt want to take anything for the pain as i dont want to take the risks of anything happening to bubs, that i got forgotten about which really annoyed me and after a few hours of being left by myself they reckon this time that bubs has been squashing one of my nerves and thats whats causing all the pain, sent me home with codeine and told me to rest which ive been doing since 20 weeks because ive been hurting so much, its starting to feel like they have no idea whats wrong with me and they just find something to match my symptoms and send me on my way it reminds me alot of the month i found out i was expecting my son, so as you can tell i dont have much faith in the hospital system, hence why i did want a home birth but our house just isnt set up for that so i went with the next best option of a birth centre, so since friday ive just been plodding along slowly and counting down the days till the end of june.

Week 36

Well I’m finally into the last stages of this pregnacy, can’t belive how good that feels to say lol its been another long week but this whole pregnacy been full on what with everything going on with my son, his biological dad and the problems I’ve had with this pregnacy, anyways as I said its been a full on week what with all the appoitments I’ve had with my son but that in itself is another story I’d be more then happy to share with everyone over dealing and coping with, reflux, colic, excema and speech and language problems, so I’m defintly feeling exhausted from everything going on but for a change it feels really good to have been so active even though at the end of the day I’m so super sore and can barely move I do enjoy getting out there and getting active, insommnias been slowly creeping up on me in the last few weeks and I’ve gone from being able to crash out at 9pm to not being able to crash out till 2am or there abouts but suprising enough the lack of sleep isnt actually getting to me yet lol. The one thing I can’t get over in this pregnacy is how much our little girl is all ready a daddys girl, she stays on the side of me thats next to him and if he changes sides she does and without fail as soon as she feels his touch she starts kicking and getting super active, I find this so amazing and very cute that shes this attached to her daddy all ready and shes not even born yet

Week 37

Well we’ve had another exciting week, on Sunday I started to have regular contractions about every 5 mins apart and at the time i wasnt worried because thats all that was going on but come wednesday I started losing my mucus plug and then the contractions started getting alot more intense so i rung up my midwife and she told me to go up to the hospital straight away as it looked like labour was most defintly starting but after checking me over i wasnt dilating but my cervix was defintly getting soft so they kept me in over night just to mointer me and sent me home the next morning and on friday morning my midwife came just see how i was doing and when she checked to see where bubs was she said thats defintly locked in place and very low down, so it means i am in labour but when shes going to be born is a whole nother story it could all be over in a few days but it coud still take another few weeks for things to actually progress but itd be nice to think that things would progress fast and our little girl would arrive soon because it would be so amazing to met her, so stay tuned by next week we may have a new adition to our family

Week 37 – Confirmed

well after my last stay in hospital last wednesday and being told my cervix was very soft and with the pains I was having I was pretty certain labour wasn’t too far off and on Monday i started getting super intense pains that felt a lot like contractions and they where very regular every minute lasting for a good 30secs or so and i just thought well for now ill see how they go as i didnt fancy going up to the hospital again and seeing as my midwife was still on holiday i figured it could wait a few more days so by wednesday i was in agnoy i coudnt sleep and i could barley eat and i was sitting on the couch thinking of giving my midwife a ring when i felt a huge pop at first my husband thought id farted but i then realised that my waters had broke or so i thought anyway so i contacted my midwife and she came around for a while and at about midnight she checked me and i was soft and had dilated a little bit so she left us to get some sleep, so i hoped into bed hoping that things would pick up and by the morning id be delivering our little girl but but 6am thursday morning everything had stoped again which was just great so i got up and started moving on the off chance thatd get things going again and it did, later on we arranged to met my midwife up at the hospital to see what was going on by the time i got up to the hospital which is a mission as there is never any parking for miles, they hook me up to the machine to see how our little girls doing and as always shes very very happy and not phased at all by anything going so they unhook me from that after they see that shes perfectly happy the doctor then comes in I coudnt understand a word he said as he was indian and they wanted to spread me to see if my waters had broken didnt enjoy that very much as he was very rough and im still very sore now, he coudnt find any pooling of amniotic fluid and i wasnt dilated so of course by now im super confused wondering what on earth it was that id felt the night before had a quick scan to check that she still had plenty of water and of course she did so i got told that my waters hadnt broken so my question is what did i feel the previous night then? Told me to go home and try and get some rest which with the level of pain im in is virtualy impossible and to arrange to have a growth scan done as soon as possible, so Im now back home with no baby and feeling like i wasted a whole day of my time for nothing pretty much though im pretty certain about what i felt but nothing i can do about it lol so now its just a matter of waiting, itd be cool to hear from other mums that have been in this boat before as im feeling very confused and disheartened right about now and of course they reckon im only 36+2 when i thought i was closer to 38 weeks *sigh* dont like doctors much as you can tell ;'(

Week 38

Well I can officaly say that this is my last blog, after our last close call i had preparerd myself for a long wait till our lil girl was born, the weekend had been slow with no change in how I was feeling and on tuesday when we went out I was feeling very sore and then had a feeling like my waters had broken but I wasnt going to get my hopes up just yet, so we got home and I made myself a rashpberry leaf tea as itd been helping me wonderfully and carried on the day, I even managed to get outside and kick a ball around with my son for a little bit and by the evening i was getting regualr contractions every 5 mins but i wasnt going to get my hopes up just yet but by 3am I was in excuriating pain and coudnt take it anymore so i rung my midwife and she came around and checked me out and I was defintly in labour 6cms dilated to be exact and at 12:25pm our little girl was born.

Congrats to Sarah and her family!!


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