Product Review: SunRice Quick Cups

Sun Rice

I had the opportunity to review the new SunRice Quick Cups, flavoured rice – Chicken Rice, Egg Fried Rice and Teriyaki Rice.

SunRice Quick Cups prepare perfect mounds of fluffy rice in just 40 seconds. The convenient twin pack is the perfect single serve for lunch, dinner or a base for the kids meals.

Out of these 3 flavours the Teriyaki was my favourite simply because it had more flavour than the other 2.  They are great for a quick meal for the kids or a lunch at work.   SunRice Quick Cups contain no artificial colours, no artificial flavours and no preservatives.

Comparing them to other quick microwave rice meals, these in my opinion are the nicest I have eaten.  I was happy with the amount of veges in them but I did find the rice to be a tad dry.

Would I buy these?  Only if they were on special but they are handy to have sitting in the pantry and for these reason I would buy them.

Look out for SunRice Quick Cups in your local supermarket.

Reviewed by Louise.

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