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Seedling Baby sizeless modern cloth pocket nappies have a nice water proof gingham outer (available in a range of colours) that looks and feels very durable, so it should handle everything your little one can throw at it. They are available with either a snap clip or Velcro system. I got to review a nappy with a snap clip system and it definitely adjusted well to be able to fit a new born through to a toddler. The slim design of the crotch does make it harder for parents with large hands to stuff but allows it to have a snug and comfortable fit between bubs legs. It also has great leek guards around the legs and crotch area which allows it to contain everything well.

These nappies come with a bamboo insert which is very absorbent (it is recommended however that this be increased to accommodate for extra moisture as your baby grows) without taking up too much room in the nappy.

If you want a durable, well fitting and very absorbent nappy for your baby I would recommend this nappy.

Click here to buy online on Seedling Baby’s website.

Reviewed by Nicola

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