Product Review: Chloe Toes All In Two

Chloe Toes

I am not usually a fan of All in Two snap in nappies but Chloe Toes from Nappies Covered has got me thinking they are a pretty practical and easy to use nappy.

There are 2 things that stand out for me with this particular style of cloth nappy. (1) The fit.  Other snap in nappies I have used are bulky and I don’t like the way they sit on bubs and (2) The 6 layer bamboo fleece snap in insert.

It is a very clever design that even dads, grandparents and day care centres will enjoy using!  With only 2 snaps, it isn’t confusing to see how it fits together and the way the 3 insert layers have been sewn together means they wont move or bunch up and are quick drying. Very user friendly!

I love that the waterproof outer has a soft layer of microfleece next to bubs skin so there is no pul touching their sensitive skin.

The sizing is generous so that means bubs will fit them better for longer.  The unique contoured waist line makes the nappy sit comfortably below bubs rounded belly, preventing the belly droop some nappies are prone to do.

So all up, I highly recommend giving the Chloe Toes nappies available at Nappies Covered a go.  I believe they will soon become one of your favourite nappies in your stash!

Reviewed by Louise.

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