Product Review: Micro Doodlez All In One

Monkey Doodlez Review

I’ve got a gorgeous minky giraffe print Micro Doodlez. I actually bought it to use like a boosted cover over a fitted but it’s not big enough for that.

My boy is a very heavy wetter but I’ve been surprised I’ve been able to leave it on for up to 2 hours while I would normally need more layers. I think this nappy is more absorbent than AIOs that have microfibre. I think if I had a light wetter I would get a whole lot of these as it’s so easy to put on and there’s no stuffing or unstuffing.

A great nappy for a light-wetter or if you don’t mind changing more often.

Buy online at Monkey Doodlez

Reviewed by Tamara, mum of 3

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