Product Review: Huggalugs Bumphugger

The Huggalugs Bumphugger is a fantastic bump cover/belly band.  It’s ideal for those larger sized mums who find the narrow belly bands to be useless and fall down.  The Huggalugs bumphugger is a wide band which covers your whole middle – that’s from below your bust to your hips.  It creates a layer looked as well as keeping your bump covered.

I purchased mine from My Natural Baby during my 3rd pregnancy as I found nothing covered my bump and I was sick of my bump hanging out of my maternity clothes!  3 months on post birth and I’m still wearing it.  I’m finding it a must have for breast feeding!  Not only does it keep your tummy covered while feeding, it keeps you nice and warm!!

I highly recommend purchasing a Huggalugs Bumphugger.  I will be wearing mine long after pregnancy and breast feeding!

Click here to buy from My Natural Baby.

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