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Happy Little Poppets

Happy Little Poppets

I was so please to be chosen to review Happy Little Poppets Moisturising Lotion and Soap.  Having a child with sensitive skin, and her being unable to use many products on her body without reacting to the various chemicals and ingredients in them, I am always careful with what our household purchases.   As these products are made in New Zealand and are not tested on animals, it was a big plus for me.
I generally buy unscented products and found the Lavender Essential Oil quite strong to get used to at first.

The soap is nice to use, I love that it wasn’t unnecessarily coloured. I had to rip the box open to get into it, but can recycle the packaging.

The Moisturising Lotion comes in a pump bottle which is perfect to use one handed, I found a little goes a long way which is great for a long massage, (or a large family!)  The lotion feels great on the skin, with a  fragrance that lingers.  Although the pump bottle looks to be recyclable, I could not find a recycling number on the bottle to be sure.  The rest of  the range looks lovely and I will be looking out for them.

Review by Melissa

I have been using the Happy Little Poppets Moisturising Lotion and Handcrafted Soap on my 5mth old baby girl for the past week and have to say it is fantastic! I was very hesitant to try new products as she has very sensitive skin and the only product i have used to bath her in since she was about a month old has been pinetarsol bath oil as prescribed by her GP as everything else i had tried ended with her being completely covered in eczema.

It is such a pleasant change to now be able to use something that is natural and smells amazing.  Her skin is so much softer and smoother now and the really bad patches that were red and inflamed are now just slightly dry areas and i am certain they too will clear up after another week.  I have also ditched our daily routine of using baby aveeno for sensitive skin and replaced with the Happy Little Poppets Moisturing Lotion and am thrilled.  It absorbs really well, smells great and not only leaves her skin feeling great but also my hands. Another big improvement on what we were using.

I am soooo glad i was chosen to review and would happily recommend (and already have) these products to my friends and family.  Thank you very much

Review by Michelle, Extremely satisfied customer

If you have small children who have a love for all things dirt and worms, then these products are definitely for you!
I was excited to try the Happy Little Poppets Soap and Moisturiser, as, being an all natural product AND made in New Zealand – it ticked all of my boxes.  We are a chemical free house, so although the range of products available is widening now, it’s super to have alternatives, and I must say I would buy Happy Little Poppets again and again…

The scents of lavender and honey in the moisturiser are subtle but delicious, and being that olive oil is it’s second ingredient – it does what it says. We used it as a massage cream also for my 8 year old when she had a sore neck due to winter ills, and it stayed lubricant for as long as it took to give her a decent rub.

The soap is also as delicious. Mild and non drying. My kids do have good skin but I have a strict ‘no harsh nasties’ rule for anything that may irritate their skins, as I am a bad reactor!

Both products had a scent of sweet, maybe slight citrus, I couldn’t quite put my finger on it, and the lavender was not overpowering at all, so the children didn’t end up smelling like Granny’s sock drawer!  All in all, great products. They smell great, clean superbly and nourish well.  Big up’s here!

Review by Kirstee

My first thought of the Happy Little Poppets range was such cute and colourful branding, really made me want to try it.  I found the mositurier to be light, non greasy and a joy to use, a little went a long way.  It had a nice subtle scent, not to overpowering which is good when on little ones.  I even ended up using it as a hand cream for myself!

The soap was gentle and didn’t dry out their skin, the bar was also a great size for little hands to grasp and be able to wash themselves.  They enjoyed using it.

Overall I think this is a great range of products and would highly recommend it families.

Review by Louise

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