3 pieces of the puzzle: branding. marketing. selling.

i have been asking everyone i chat with about marketing. if i could wave my magic wand and make one thing happen, what would it be?

these are some of the answers i have been getting…

  • i want to get noticed by the right people.
  • i want to attract customers that will actually buy what i am selling.
  • i need clever ways to get my biz out there.
  • i want to stand out from all of the competition.
  • i need to know which strategies i should be using.
  • i need someone just to put all the pieces of this puzzle together.
  • i want to go viral.

“go viral”. that automatically brings to mind a clear picture of what it is we really want right? to stand out, to get noticed, to attract the right people.

but i wonder though if deep down one of the reasons we long to “go viral” is because we think it means that we could just put something out there, and then the rest will just magically happen.

our fans would do all the sharing for us. the right people would notice us and we would get all sorts of attention. huge traffic would naturally result – and with traffic comes sales. it would all just be so easy! we wouldn’t have to “sell” anything, we wouldn’t have to “figure out marketing”, we would just sit back and go viral.

the thing is… businesses, products, and ideas don’t go viral by sheer luck or chance. there is a hell of a lot of hard work put into a brand that goes viral.

in order for a message to go viral there needs to be a clear message in the first place. that message needs to resonate with people, which means that you need to know exactly who it is that longs to hear it. and you need to be sharing that message in order for people to hear about it… you actually do have to put it out there.

that is the big secret to going viral. branding. marketing. selling.

if there is one thing i have learnt is that these 3 words seem to feel either scary, or confusing, or yucky, or too hard, for most micro business owners.

i get that, i really do. i have been studying biz for nearly 6 years and learning complex science concepts was easier, i swear!

so, i really really want to help you master these things for your biz!

the first thing you need to know is that your brand is NOT your logo. it’s not your site design. it is not your business name or your tagline. those things are elements of your brand, they are ways that you share your brand message, but they are not your brand.

your brand is the message you send about what you do. your brand is how people feel about your biz. your brand is your promise.

the next thing to know is that these 3 things are all wildly interconnected. you don’t just “brand” your biz and then move on. “selling” doesn’t just happen at the point of sale. “marketing” is not just a matter of choosing a strategy.

i see these as being 3 interlocking circles. and i like to think about them like this:

branding is what you are.

this is the part of the puzzle where you stand out, get noticed, differentiate yourself from the competition, build trust, deeply understand your ideal customer, share your message.

marketing is what you do.

these are the strategies you choose to use to get your message in front of your idea customer. a lot of this puzzle piece requires planning and prioritizing. working out what to do and when, and where to focus your time/money.

selling is what you say.

this is really about making your message compelling: calls to action, headlines, sales methods like doing a buy one get one sale or a special VIP event. it can also be about testimonials, and money back guarantees, and we accept all types of payments. those things say a lot too, to your right customer.

marketing and selling both require you to know your message, to know your ideal customer, to build trust, to stand out… so you see, your brand is really the essential basis for those activities that will actually earn your business money!

and at the centre of all of this, at least for me, is authenticity. if you have that – then those other parts come a lot easier!

when you clearly know your message, when you deeply understand your ideal customer, when you feel genuine excitement about sharing what you do with them – branding, marketing, and selling all feel completely natural, authentic.

and THAT is why i do what i do, why i teach what i teach.  because i want every single biz owner to feel that.  to feel authentic. to stand out, to share what they do with confidence, to attract their right people. that is what the word SHINE means to me.

in the end, what i really want to stress, is that none of this has to feel scary or yucky or confusing.

branding is simply what you really care about here. marketing is sharing that with people who care about the same things you do. and selling is just the conversation you are having about it.

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and click here for part 2 of this post… find out the 5 keys to making this all work for your biz!

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Author: Karen Gunton ~ Build a Little Biz

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  1. Sara
    February 8, 2014 at 12:49 am (6 years ago)

    What a fabulous article, I really enjoyed reading it.
    Off to read part two now, thank you!


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