When it comes to conception, Knowledge is power!

If you have been struggling to conceive or have been diagnosed with “unexplained fertility” or perhaps you just want to speed up the process of becoming pregnant, a course in Natural Fertility Education could be just what you need.

When we get taught about the “birds and bees” at school there is rarely any information when it comes to educating people about their fertility and actually how it all works “down there”. We get the human biology generalised talk, menstrual cycles are 28 days long, ovulation occurs on day 14, but this is simply not true for everyone!

We are all different, and so are our menstrual cycles. For example if you and your best friend both have 30 day cycles on average, it could be that she ovulates on day 12, but you ovulate on day 18 of your cycle. So, completely different, even though the cycle length is the same. So how are you to know when you ovulate and the most optimal fertile time for conception?

This is where the practice of Natural fertility or Natural fertility management can help you. Natural Fertility is a means of understanding and managing your fertility, in order to get pregnant or avoid a pregnancy. Natural fertility methods are chosen for a variety of reasons: to maximise your chances of getting pregnant, to understand your menstrual cycle and fertility better when planning for pregnancy, or as an alternative to other contraceptive methods for health or personal reasons.

Natural Fertility Practitioners can teach the Sympto-Thermal method (STM) of natural fertility management. Scientifically based, it is a proven, easy-to-learn means of taking control of your fertility.

Fertility Awareness

Fertility awareness is simply an understanding of your fertility and its relationship to your menstrual cycle. Fertility awareness can help you determine on which days you are fertile (where sexual intercourse can result in pregnancy) and on which days you are not. Learning fertility awareness is possible at any stage of your reproductive life and can be used by women with regular or irregular cycles.

The benefits of fertility awareness are many, but primarily:

•It increases your chances of conceiving each cycle

•It can help you assess your gynaecological and fertility health

•It is the basis for a highly effective method of drug-free contraception

Fertility awareness is based on the observation and recording of scientifically proven fertility signs that all women experience during their menstrual cycles.

The three primary fertility signs are:

Basal Body Temperature (BBT)
This is taken orally every morning as you wake, with a digital thermometer. (please note if you work shifts, we can identify another time for you to take your temperature)

Cervical Mucus
This is observed daily at the outside of the body.

Cervical position
This fertility indicator is an ‘optional extra’ which some women choose to monitor.

We can teach you how to observe, record and interpret these signs, so that you are able to Natural Fertility is empowering and puts YOU in control of your fertility.

Jo Hayes is the owner of Soul Fertility and is a Natural Fertility Practitioner. She teaches couples and individuals how to chart their menstrual cycles to either achieve or avoid a pregnancy, and Breastfeeding Mama’s on their return to fertility after childbirth. Jo is accredited to Natural Fertility New Zealand.

Jo is a Mum to one, 20 month old daughter and is working on building her family further.


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