Tips for Going on Holiday with Children

For most parents going away with children, especially for the 1st time, can be extremely daunting!  The thought of flying with young children can be off putting for most.  Below are some tips from my own personal experience of flying and going on holiday with children under 5.

The Baby View Flying Tips:

Children under 2 will have to sit on your lap, this makes it really hard to pick up toys that are dropped so make sure you use a dummy doofah to help keep toys and drink bottles (with handles) from falling down.

Try to breast feed, bottle feed or use a dummy on take off and landing to help their little ears from getting blocked and sore with the change in air pressure.

Children over 2 will have their own seat, bring an activity pack for them to do such as colouring book, reading book, puzzle.

Bring snacks!  Air NZ will provide snacks/drinks whereas JetStar will not.  From our own experience if flying with children, Air NZ is the better option.

Bring the nappy bag on board with wipes, towel and a change of clothes.

Keep calm and don’t stress if your baby cries or makes noise, make use of the aisle and walk your baby to help settle.

The Baby View Car Travel Tips:

Allow for an extra hour or two to your travelling time.  Kids tend to need a rest every couple of hours on long trips to stretch their legs, toilet stops and just a run around.  We are lucky in New Zealand to have some amazing rest areas that are truly beautiful!

Bring lots of snacks.

Bring along some toys that are easy to play in the car such a doodle sketch or a I Spy bag or even play the old car games such as how many red cars can you see or count the number horses.

I have found babies tend to get a little upset on long trips, moving into the back seat to entertain them can help them out.

The Baby View Sleeping Away from Home Tips:

Bring their sleeping toys – this is a must!!

It can also help bringing along their blanket from their bed especially for young babies as they tend to be more settled if sleeping on their own bedding.

If your children normally sleeps in the cot at home but will be sleeping in a bed on holiday, try to get them use to sleeping in the bed before going away.

Do be prepared for a few unsettled nights while they get use to sleeping in a different place.

I hope these tips are useful and help make travelling with children seem a little less daunting.  The main thing is to don’t stress about it and talk it up with the older children and remember to bring their favourite/comfort toys so they don’t miss them!

Enjoy your holiday!

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