Toilet Training Tips

how to toilet train a toddlerToilet Training Tips

Children learn how to use a potty or toilet in their own time. Toilet Training can be a complicated process, so try and be calm and patient and avoid power struggles.

Look for signs

When they’re getting ready to learn children might:

  • stop playing and make noises or faces
  • take themselves away and want to be alone
  • start having a time of day when they have a dirty nappy
  • let you know when they are wet or smelly
  • show an interest in your visits to the toilet
  • want to copy others using the toilet
  • prefer to be clean and dry.

You can encourage them by:

  • teaching them the words your family uses about going to the toilet
  • letting them see that you use the toilet and telling them they will be soon too
  • getting them a potty so they can practice on and off. They can still have their nappy on when they do this.
  • reading picture books about other children learning to use the potty.

Be prepared:

  • Make sure everyone is ready. Summer is a good time to start.
  • Decide on a routine, for example when they wake up, after breakfast, mid morning, after lunch, mid afternoon, at bath time and before bed.
  • Praise the success and keep calm when there are accidents – there will be quite a few.
  • Dress your child in clothes that are easy to take off quickly.
  • Don’t be surprised if they want to explore other toilets or they become scared and refuse to go anywhere else but home.
  • Staying dry at night takes longer than during the day.

Don’t feel pressured by other people’s comments. Your child will be dry when they are ready.

Getting cross will make your child tense and stressed – and they won’t be able to do anything. Keep them relaxed by staying calm.

Baby View Toilet Training Tip: When your child does use the potty or toilet, even if they don’t do anything, make a huge fuss about it. I came up with a wee wee dance to show my child how excited and happy I was with them using the potty!

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