Mum in Business: Alison from Incy Wincy

February Featured Business: Incy Wincy

Mum in Business: Alison from Incy Wincy

Name: Alison King

Business: Incy Wincy

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Short Bio about yourself and business:

I’m mum to Axel, who is two this month. Married to Casey. We live in Rotorua and decided to start Incy Wincy when my maternity leave was running out. Incy Wincy stocks products that we love, we started with the Koo-di Pop-Up Travel Bubble Cot as that is an item we struggled to find when we took Axel to the UK as an infant. We sell online and occasionally go to markets.

What influenced you to start your business?

My maternity leave was running out and we wanted to set up something that would eventually give us the means to work for ourselves. I found a product I loved but it wasn’t available in NZ so decided that we would bring it here. Eventually I’d love to open up a little boutique bricks and mortar store with a much wider range.

February Featured Business: Incy Wincy

Incy Wincy is our February 2014 Featured Business

What tactics helped you get your business started?

I joined a wholesale forum to learn more about retail business, how to source reputable suppliers etc. I spent a lot of time researching the market, asking mums what they wanted and seeing what was already available. There’s no point trying to sell the same as everyone else, I wanted a point of difference.

Would you change anything about what you do?

Yes. While I don’t regret anything I’ve done there are a few things I would have liked to have implemented earlier on, such as advertising to get our name out there.

Anything exciting going on right now or about to happen?

We’ve recently become stockists of Milestone Baby Cards and Honeysticks crayons, two pretty cool items. The Milestone Baby Cards are a great way of documenting your baby’s milestones from birth upwards. I wish they had been around when my boy was a baby. Outside of Incy Wincy, the inspiration for our business, our son Axel, is about to turn 2.

What is your greatest achievement to date?

Combining a full time job with business. I’m lucky in that I work very close to home and I can pop out when I need to. It’s not always easy combining the two but I know that by putting in the hard yards now will pay off in the future. Plus, I’m learning and applying skills that are applicable to both (I run social media at my work).

Where do you see your business in 5 years?

I’d like to have a bricks and mortar store selling everything we have now plus lots of other niche ranges (plus have an online presence). I want to be the place where people go before a baby shower, or where grandparents can pick up something classy, or where mums can pick up that item that will change their lives.

What do you do in your spare time?

I run. I’m training for the Rotorua Marathon, which is in May. This will be my sixth marathon and second as a mother. Last year’s training was very difficult as Axel wasn’t sleeping through and he kept picking up bugs from daycare. I was also trying to rebuild my lost fitness. I love to run early in the morning (5.30am!), it’s time to myself, it’s good for me both physically and mentally and I’m not relying on a gym to be open.

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