Cloth Nappies for Newborn Babies

Cloth nappies for newborn babiesMany people are reluctant to use cloth nappies for newborn babies, they worry that they might be too much work, or that using cloth nappies from birth is too complicated. There’s no reason that it should be though, and if you take care to get the right cloth nappies, using cloth nappies for newborn babies is easy.

Choosing the right cloth nappies for a newborn

There are two things that you really should consider when choosing cloth nappies for newborn babies. Firstly, how quickly can you get your cloth nappies dry, and secondly how well will the stand up to newborn poo explosions?

Newborn babies have immature bowels, which means that they tend to poo and wee often. This means that you are likely to find yourself changing their nappies often, so a quick drying and easy to use nappy is essential if you are considering cloth. Their immature bowels also mean that they can be prone to poo explosions, where lots and lots of liquid poo comes at once, you will need a nappy with reliable elastics at the legs and waist to deal with this.

Cloth nappies for newborn babiesThe best type of cloth nappies for a newborn?

One of the best types of cloth nappies for a newborn is a prefold system like the ecobots system. These nappies consist of cotton rectangles that are folded into a simple pad and placed into an outer cover. They are simple to use, as they do not need complicated folds, they are quick drying and as you only need to change the inner prefold nappy at each change, they can work out cheaper than some all in one or pocket style nappy systems.

The covers that you use over your prefold cloth nappies are also important, and to keep everything in one place, a cover with a double gusset at the leg is best. These give an extra layer of protection at the leg, where leaks can occur with some other types of cover.

How many cloth nappies for a newborn?

As newborn babies tend to need changing more often than older children, you will probably need more nappies at this stage. Anywhere between 12 and 24 prefold nappies will be ideal, with between 4 and 6 nappy covers. The nappy covers will not need changing at every nappy change, and they dry quickly when washed.

If you are looking to try cloth nappies, before investing in a whole set, trial packs that contain just two or three prefolds and one cover can be an ideal way to give them a go.

Using cloth nappies for newborns isn’t hard or complicated, and if you choose the right ones, you will find that it’s a great choice for your precious little one.using cloth nappies from birth

Article submitted by Kelly Jo Sweeny from Ecobots

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