Best Online Store Winner: The Sleep Store

Baby View Business of the Year The Sleep StoreLouise established The Sleep Store eight and half years ago, after she decided not to return to her role at Telecom. She tried juggling fulltime work with her oldest son and when number two came along, she and Matt decided that working from home would be much better for all of them. Matt carried on working full-time while Louise established the business and by the time number 3 came along, Matt was also working fulltime at The Sleep Store.

They were inspired by the work of Dr Harvey Karp, his ‘Happiest Baby’ techniques are incredible for settling babies and his swaddling technique so effective, But the book was hard to find in NZ and decent swaddles were impossible to find, so their first range included swaddles sourced from overseas and their own brand ones made locally to Louise’s own specifications.

8 years later, their range is much wider but swaddles and sleeping bags are still their most important products. The Sleep Store also still have a firm focus on providing expert sleep advice to any parents who contact them, offering sleep solutions through their website, Facebook Sleep Forum, email and phone. The Sleep Store team know how important sleep is for all members of the family and often some simple changes will mean everyone gets a decent sleep.

The Sleep StoreWhat does it mean to you about winning this award?

It’s very exciting to win this award for the second year. Juggling working from home is so hard at times, it’s chaotic and stressful trying to provide exceptionally good service, lead our team and meet all my family’s needs…so I’m thrilled about the recognition of this award.

What is your greatest business achievement to date?

Being in business after 8 years and still growing every year!

Who has been the biggest influence in your business?

My customers. Everything we do is driven by our customers…providing the best possible service, offering real value rather than the cheapest price, selling quality products that we truly believe in.

Anything exciting going on right now or about to happen in your business?

We are expanding our own brands to include more clothing ranges, new designs and colours for our woolbabe sleeping bags and also a new range of Sleep Cot cots and linen. And before too long we are going to be forced to move our stock and customer services team out of our house, it has just gotten to the point it has taken over too much of our house!

What did you do before you started your business?

I was the General Manager of Retail at Hallensteins, then the Channel Productivity Manager at Telecom Mobile.

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