Activities to Keep Preschoolers Busy

Activities to Keep Preschoolers BusyLet’s be honest: there has been a moment when you have looked down at your gorgeous preschooler, and thought: all I want to do is make this phone call! But preschoolers are that wonderful and slightly tiring age when they are mobile and alert, but perhaps without the concentration span to stick to one activity. So how do you as a parent not only make sure that they are always engaged, but busy enough to allow you a moment to collapse onto a sofa?

The key here is preparation. You will need to take time during one of their naps to get materials ready so that you will always have them to hand whenever your preschooler needs something to do. One great idea is to put coloured tape over one of your low pile carpets to create little roads. That will leave them in one place so you know where they are, and there is nothing else to organise – they’ll just play! Another easy and quick solution to a manic child is a colander and some pipe cleaners: before you know it, they’ll be sitting quietly, gently weaving them in and out.

An awesome way to make an entire rainy afternoon fun is to play the ‘Popcorn Olympics’. You can create as many different ‘sports’ as your preschooler can cope with, and all you will need is popcorn and a couple of straws. Lastly, if your preschooler needs to get a little energy out, what about sticking lolly sticks onto a paper plate, and playing ping pong with a balloon! The light balloon should prevent any breakages, and this will build up their coordination skills.

Just remember that almost anything can entertain a preschooler if you tell them how exciting it is that they are going to play with it!

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