Best Parenting Blog Winner: If Only They’d Told Me

If Only They'd Told MeIf Only They’d Told Me was voted as the Best Parenting Blog in our 2014 Best in Home Business Awards.

Jacqui and Nat started ‘If Only They’d Told Me’ as a blog and podcast (online radio show) in the lead up to launching our Parenting book. It was their way to build a keen audience while also ‘helping’ parents (rather than all of our thoughts and tips just sitting in the computer). They put out a weekly podcast and 1-2 blogs per week on ‘all the things you wish you’d been told about Pregnancy, Parenting and Relationships in the early years’.  Things took longer than they’d expected in the editing, proof-reading, publishing stage but they eventually got there and professionally self-published our book ‘If Only They’d Told Me’ in paperback and e-book in Feb 2014.  They finally had a ‘product’!

They’re now on the verge of launching some online audio ‘packages’ of amazing podcast interviews that they have done that will help parents (or parents-to-be) in whatever specific age and stage that they are in on their parenting journey.  Their first one… The 7 Secrets Pregnancy Package!

What does it mean to you about winning this award?

We’re thrilled!  It’s been a long journey for us as we started writing our book independently as young mothers (6 years ago) before we even met!  We came together (met at our first born’s kindergarten, became friends and decided to join forces) when I moved to Auckland after the Christchurch earthquake.  Running a business takes perseverance, creativity, flexibility and also connects you with amazing groups and people.  We’ve met some inspirational parents and business owners along the way.

What is your greatest business achievement to date?

Running a successful crowd funding campaign on Kickstarter which gave us the funds to ‘press go’ on the print run.  Also getting our book into Whitcoulls and Paper Plus (as well as other independent book stores) has been very re-affirming that our hard work has produced something amazing that people want and appreciate. Going LIVE onto Breakfast TV and Good morning was fun and a great achievement as well!

If Only They Told Me BookWho has been the biggest influence in your business?

There are really three of us in our business.  The person ‘behind the scenes’ is my quietly supportive husband Matthew Cutler-Welsh who has been our ‘techie’ with website and podcast editing. For every podcast (which takes approx 1.5 hours/week to put together the 30 min episode) he has helped with set-up and editing (adding our intro, outro and music and uploading to iTunes). We’re proud to be on the ‘what’s hot’ list on iTunes and have now recorded over 120 podcasts!  Both of our husbands have been amazingly supportive (financially and emotionally) of our business journey!

Anything exciting going on right now or about to happen in your business?

As a result of blogging, podcasting and ‘working’ Facebook and Pinterest etc for If Only They’d Told Me,  I ended up launching another business last year. It’s called ‘Go to Girl Social Media & Networking’ and is all about connecting women in business by making Social Media & Networking easy, fun & fabulous!  So now I get to help Mumpreneurs as well as parents! This is ‘exciting’ for me and my family as I definitely didn’t want to go back to a ‘proper 9-5 job’ and running (two) businesses allows me to be home with the kids while also bringing in some good money.

We’re also about to ramp things up on If Only They’d Told Me with the effective use of Facebook and lead pages to help us sell our new ‘7 Secrets’ audio packages.  The Toddler Package, The Relationship Package and more! Watch this space!

What did you do before you started your business?

Jacqui was and is in advertising. She is the self-confessed ‘neat-freak’ full time working mother of two.  I was at home with my kids (I am the ‘hectic but happy’ work-from-home mother of three). But before that I was a Projects Manager, Outward Bound instructor and Environmental Educator.  Now we’re helping and teaching parents about how to enjoy and thrive (rather than survive) the early years of parenting and our tagline is… We’re not the EXPERTS, were the BEST FRIENDS you never knew you had!”

xo Natalie Cutler-Welsh & Jacqui Lockington

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