3 Essential Secrets to Get the Spark Back this Valentine’s

Are you in a committed relationship and starting to feel that passion and love have subsided? Maybe your children take all your energy and you don’t have anything left for your partner.

So how do you reignite your love and spend the most romantic Valentine’s this year?  Read on to learn three essential secrets to get the spark back this Valentine’s Day.

3 Essential Secrets to Get the Spark Back this Valentines

Secret #1

The first thing you need to do to revive your love is to create some element of uncertainty and adventure. We, humans, have two vitally important conflicting needs – safety or certainty, and variety or uncertainty. Usually the level of uncertainty is very high in the beginning of the relationship and we have a strong drive to create more and more certainty, because it makes us feel safe. But the eventual drawback is that too much certainty kills passion and then we get bored.

I know you are a busy mum. Still, can you do something a bit adventurous to get the spark back? Maybe have a romantic date on the beach, go dancing together or simply have a dress up date at home after you put your kids to bed. Maybe put a sexy lingerie on and seduce your partner?

What can you do on this Valentine’s to break the routine and experience something new?

Secret #2

Quite often we make the mistake of blaming our partner for what’s happening to us and focusing on what’s not working.

To keep the romance flowing we need to appreciate our partners. The more we appreciate, the more goodness we see and the more love and attention we get. So if things are not as good as you wish in your relationship, I recommend an “Appreciation Diet”.

If we are not used to appreciating, it might be hard to start with and it might feel a bit unauthentic. But the more you practice, the easier it becomes.

And here’s the interesting flip side: often it’s even harder for us to receive appreciation than to give it! Hearing something wonderful about ourselves may feel uncomfortable. We’re just not used to soaking up that much love!

How can you appreciate your partner?

Secret #3

Practising self-care is the most important step in preparing yourself for love. Love is all about sharing and giving from an overflow, a place of abundance.

I know being a mum you are very busy taking care of everyone else and probably you put yourself last on the list. And you know, everyone loses! When you are not nourished and happy, you can’t really be as patient and loving. So actually, it is selfish not to take care of yourself.

When you are joyful and relaxed, everyone around you soaks up that energy and becomes happier. Your joyful presence and undivided attention is the best gift you can give your partner. If mama is happy, everyone is happy.

What makes you feel relaxed and filled up with joy? Put everything else aside, and nourish yourself. Find at least half an hour today for yourself.

Secret #4

Every day take an action to nourish your relationship.

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