Easter Activities

Easter Activities Easter School holidays are almost upon us! What are you favourite activities for keeping the kids entertained? Whether you are an arts and crafts star or just a stick figure artist (like myself), both ideas below are very doable!

Giant Easter Egg: (Paper Mache)

What you need: Balloons, flour, water, paper/newspaper, paint/stickers/pens/decoration items.

1. Blow up your balloons.

2. Cut your newspaper or paper into strips.

3. Mix together some flour and water until you have a consistency that’s a bit thicker than pancakes.

4. Dip the strips in your mixture and cover the entire balloon.

5. The hard part! Put them away to dry completely – this can take awhile!

6. Pop the balloon with a pin and decorate it!

*To make this more suitable for young ones – you can paper mache the balloons yourself – let them dry & give them to the younger ones after steps 1-5 for them to paint/decorate.

Stained Glass Easter Eggs

For a simpler and far cleaner activity – try the stained glass easter eggs!  Think snowflake cutouts that you make at Christmas, but in the shape of an egg!

What you need: Paper or thin cardboard, scissors, cellophane sheets, glue, hole punch.

1. Fold your piece of paper/cardboard in half and cut out an Easter egg shape. you should have two eggs exactly the same size. Cut various holes/shapes into the eggs.

2. Apply glue to one off the eggs.

3. Stick bits of cellophane onto the egg. 

4. Apply glue to the other side of the egg and stick them together.

5. Punch a hole in the top and hang up your Easter egg with a bit of string and hang in a window!

Easter Egg Hunt

For a twist on the Easter Egg hunt – let your kids hide an egg for you (either one they have made or one you give them), as much as they enjoy looking – they will love following you around the house watching you try to find theirs! You can use teach them the ‘hot’ and ‘cold’ rules for extra fun.


Get a piece of white cardboard or thick paper – cut into a strip the size of your child’s head. Staple the edges together.

Cut out bunny ear shapes (they can colour the middle pink) and staple or stick on the top! For extra fun make them choose their ‘bunny’ name and write it on the headband!

Two top tips for minimizing crafty mess:

1. Set up 1-2 activities and put the rest away (or in hiding), minimise the clean up mess! It’s fine to move on to other activities, just put away as you go!

2. Flatten some cardboard boxes or newspaper and set that up as the ‘designated craft space’ – or put them under the table! Sometimes just covering the table isn’t quite enough.

All the best for the Easter holidays! Take the extra time to spend with your family and try out some new activities together – don’t just turn on the telly! You may be surprised how much fun you’ll have also! (Until the pack up of course!)

Happy Easter!

Author Bio:  Luisa is a Media Studies student and volunteers at Women’s Refuge in her spare time. Eldest of four girls

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