35 Parenting Tips

Parenting Tips

Becoming a new mum or dad can be one of the most daunting things you will ever become. The parenting tips and advice offered from experts can be a mind-field.  I asked our Facebook community what advice they would offer a new Mum or Dad, read their responses below.  I would love to hear what tips you would give so feel us a comment below!

“Trust your gut, remember it is a team effort to raise a baby, sleepless nights and sore boobs are only temporary. Get fresh air daily, both you and baby!! Cuddles and kisses are a must, let baby fall asleep on you once in a while. Don’t be proud, if someone offers you dinner or to fold your washing let them go for it! When your sleeping during the day shut the doors, phone off the hook & a note on door saying “Mum and baby sleeping please don’t knock”. Enjoy every moment and don’t be hard on yourself.” Stacey

“Take all the advice you are given and use what works for you. Accept ALL OFFERS OF HELP (they will eventually dry up! haha)Don’t be afraid of saying “No” to visitors. Leave the housework and SLEEP when baby sleeps.Don’t feel guilty – there is plenty of years to come for that dreaded parental guilt.You are a team – help each other. Most of all, enjoy each and every day. Some days you will feel like you have failed and some days you will feel like you have nailed it. Go with the flow – they grow up too fast.” Nikki

“Treat the ‘advice’ you’re given as a buffet – pick from it what you want. Remember it is YOUR baby and you do what is best for you and that baby – sod everyone else!” Kate

“Don’t be proud, always ask for help if you need it sleep is not a luxury it is a basic human requirement.” Lauren

“Don’t sweat the small stuff.” Lois

“Get hubby to help out with all aspects of household life when baby arrives, he is part of the equation also so can clean the house or get the groceries or change nappies. And have fun with baby, smile, laugh, cuddle or just stare into their little face, you only get one chance of that moment so be involved in it.
Shannon Unka Let go of the guilt! Don’t worry about the housework or getting your baby into a bad routine, just cuddle that wee miracle to your hearts content!” Andrea

“Trust ya instinct and ya gut. Don’t be pressured into breastfeeding if you feel you cant or not producing (or on medications) as long as baby is happy healthy and fed that’s the only thing that matters.” Rachael

“Stop reading books, stop listening to other people, listen to your inner instinct.” Maureen

“Accept the help! You may be one of those awkward people who struggles with this but trust me the frozen meals/housework/older child minding are a godsend on those tough days when your functioning (or not) on 2 hours of broken sleep!” Traci

“If you can’t breastfeed, don’t beat yourself up over it. It doesn’t work for everyone, and bottle fed babies grow up just fine!” Karen

“Let go of expectations – they are the mind killers. You feel more defeated by the could have beens, than you ever will about the realities. You have totally got this. You will know that baby better than anyone even after a day or two, because you are the ones with that baby 24/7. Listen to the advice but don’t do stuff because you are worried about what anyone thinks, that will cause you more guilt and worry than going with your child’s needs ever could. Every kid is different. As long as they are getting food (however it comes) and love they’ll be OK. Remember to look after yourself too. Just like you know they need sleep and food, so do you! And you deserve it. Work together to make that happen. And if something isn’t working for you, don’t be afraid to change things up.” Kym

“I always tell my friends when they have their first, that everyone will have a load of advice for you, take from it what works for you and write your own book with it for your child. not everything works for everyone.” Vikki

“Make the most of every little moment, take heaps of photos, enjoy the good times and bad. Remember that your not perfect, We all make mistakes its ok to ask for help. Do what’s right for you.” Sharne

“Definitely agree with the accepting help – it’s so good to have a meal made by someone else or help folding washing to take a bit of stress off!” Anna Rose

“Clean your teeth when you first get up for the day. Even if you forget after you’ve had breakfast at least they’re not fuzzy for the day!” Andrea

“Yup trust your instincts and to go with the flow and not over think things! and for breastfeeding mamas, demand feed!” Sheena

“‘This too shall pass’ – remember that everything is a phase! Don’t get too stressed out about routines, especially at the beginning. Trying to figure it all out will make you crazy and there is all kinds of conflicting advice so trust your gut. Do what works for you and your family and just try to relax about it all…and remember that you are doing a great job!” Jo-Anna

“Remember to take time to breathe and smile with Your baby they grow way to fast. And always have a photo on the wall of them sleeping so when it feels like they’ve been awake for days Just remember quiet will eventually come.” Sarah

“Let people help you, don’t be too proud. Even if it is just the dishes or a load of washing.” Bridgette

“Forget reading all the books – when you come across something you need to know about look for the info specifically rather than read a ton of books. I found observing my baby was the best information I got.” Haley

“Aim to do just one thing each day. Showering counts as a thing.” Elizabeth

“Don’t attempt to have a bath after a caesarean(impossible to get out i discovered last night!) Never Google anything! (U will pretty much convince yourself you are dying!) After feeding bub, hand over to dad and go rest/have a cuppa. Always remember and keep telling yourself that “nothing lasts forever” it really helps when u r surviving on 3 mins sleep, leaky nips and haven’t washed your hair in 3 weeks.” Anna

“Don’t stress over the little things and do what works for you not what a book says should work.” Hayley

“Do the best you can. When we know better, we do better. Strive to want to know.” Spratts Kids’ Clothing

“Don’t listen to advice. Listen to your baby. And, be armed with polite ways to tell people you’re not interested in their advice. Most useful thing you’ll have.” Hayley

“Don’t sweat the small stuff, no one is perfect, just do the best you can.” Joelene

“Relax. If your stressed you will have a stressed baby. Keep it simple and don’t buy everything you think you might need before baby is born. New born clothes, swaddling wraps, a cot or moses basket (etc) and monitor are the essentials. Anything else can be bought after baby is born and you figure out what You need.” Kristen

“Cherish every moment they grow up too fast!!!”  Samantha

“Learn to prioritise and its ok if you do not have your housework done.” Lisa

“Put down the baby books and just go with what feels right for you and baby, dont feel as though you have to follow some rule of how many feeds baby has or how long they should sleep between feeds.” Donna

“Do what works for you.” Tracy

“Do it your way ask for help when needed and baby is more important then the dishes.” Crystal

“Trust your instincts you know your baby better than anyone else.” Carolyn

“Go with the flow. What works one day won’t necessarily work the next.” Louise

“None. Most advice I received as a new parent either didn’t apply or put me wrong. I think we instinctively know what to do and no one knows better what a child needs than their mum and dad. In the words of the sunscreen song: “Be careful whose advice you buy but be patient with those who supply it. Advice is a form of nostalgia, dispensing it is a way of fishing the past from the disposal, wiping it off, painting over the ugly parts, and recycling it for more than it’s worth.” Preggy Pukus

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What tips or advice would you offer a new mum-to-be or dad-to-be? Comment below!

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