24 Reasons to Love Pregnancy

What did you love most about your pregnancy (aside from giving birth to a beautiful baby)? I asked our community of mums what they loved most about their pregnancy.  Being pregnant is a special time at the same time it can be incredibly hard and tiring!  Read our 24 reasons to love pregnancy below.

Pregnant Heart Bump

  1. That I fell pregnant after being told I had more chance winning the lottery . After adopting 2 children it was very special to experience this. Maria
  2. After morning sickness .. that feeling of exhilaration like I could climb mountains!! In fact I did, big time! We were travelling around Turkey and Israel during my first pregnancy. Rochelle
  3. Feeling my baby moving about. Kym
  4. Wearing a bikini with my pregnant belly in the summer and feeling more comfortable with my body than I ever had before. Emma
  5. The m&m’s. I got pre eclampsia with all three of mine. That first cuddle after months in hospital were magical. Kathaleen
  6. Finding out what baby was after 9 months of anticipation!!! Stacey
  7. I agree with the movements, I had a few days when he was tumble turning lots and it was so special as my husband was able to feel him kicking around. Everything else pretty much sucked! Alison
  8. Not worrying about my weight as much, I was overweight before I got pregnant and then for that 9 months I blamed it on the baby haha.  Emily-Rose
  9. The movements and the beautiful shape my body took on with that big bump. Nikki
  10. The fact that I was growing another life inside of me. Amber
  11. Def the movementst, i loved feelin my boys kick around in there. Chantel
  12. Not having to tuck my tummy in haha. But seriously I loved not having incredibly painful periods for 9 whole months. Bliss. Sarah
  13. Movements. Caitlyn
  14. I loved loved loved being pregnant, I wish I could be pregnant all the time! I especially loved the movements and hearing the heartbeat! I miss my bump like crazy. Tamara
  15. Felling my baby girl moving and kicking in beat to little Einsteins. Alysha
  16. The movements and scans were pretty exciting. Courtney
  17. I loved the movements the most …but also havin anxiety on losing this baby all the way thru pregnancy ..lost my son at 19wks ….happy i hav my rainbow baby girl. Jen
  18. Watching my baby belly grow. Jessica
  19. His first kick on Christmas day. Hayley
  20. Nothing quite like feeling a baby move inside you, especially those first flutter. And hearing that little heart beat for the first time! Kristin
  21. My sexy belly, loved dressing with it & had loads of energy, all belly & didn’t affect our life in any way so when had bub was like a long holiday away from work & wish I could keep my belly 24/7. Jeena
  22. Food!!!!! Kathy
  23. The big boobs I got. Vikki
  24. The movements. Those are the special mother child times that no one can interrupt. Braydee

What did you love most about your pregnancy? Leave a comment and let us know!

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