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WaterWipes, the world’s purest baby wipes.  Suitable from birth, helps avoid nappy rash, preservative free, extra soft and non-greasy.  Sounds too good to be true right? Wrong.

They ARE soft and non-greasy, in fact it feels like you have just used a wet cloth not a disposable wipe. There is no horrible fragrance to them and they don’t leave that awful sticky feel that other wipes are known to.  I also liked the fact that they are strong and not easily ripped which, in my books, really handy! Each wipe is a good size, not too big and not too small – just right in fact.

Don’t just take my word for it, read on to see what other mums thought about WaterWipes.

“During my pregnancy I tired the Waterwipes on my self and I tried another brand of wetwipes. I was shocked when the other brand stung a little, while the Wateripes did not. So on the arrival on our little newborn I was very happy to use to the Waterwipes on her delicate little skin. I wondered how well they would work regarding the ‘sticky first poos’  – and the worked fantastically. The Waterwipes are on the top of our shopping list this week!!!” Reviewed by Charmaine

“When I first received the water wipes I was very doubtful that they would do the job. I was quickly proven wrong by water wipes, they are durable, actually cleans a bottom thoroughly & I don’t mind using on my children faces without fear of reaction. Comparing with Huggies newborn gentle wipes which we’ve been using & going through so many in one dirty nappy. I will be buying these wipes in the future. Thanks for the opportunity for me to trial them.” Reviewed by Jade

waterwipes-review“With two children only 15 months apart, we go through a lot of wipes. A packet of Water Wipes arrived on our doorstep just as a nasty gastro bug hit the household, so they got put to good use. Water Wipes are the world’s purest wipes, made of 99.9% water with a drop of grapefruit seed extract. They are the only wipes to be approved by Allergy UK and are suitable to use from birth. Both of my children and myself suffer from sensitive skin and eczema and other wipes irritate our skin. Water Wipes didn’t and my eldest daughter’s nappy rash healed up within a day of using the wipes. The eczema on my hands didn’t sting with every nappy change and it too healed over. The only concern I had with the wipes was that there is no preservative in them. While preservatives don’t always have a good rap, I was worried the wipes would not remain sterile after the packet had opened. The packaging states you must use the wipes in the packet they come in, not to leave them in a hot car or in the sun, carefully remove the wipe without touching the next one, and to use the wipes within a month of opening them. While that was good in practice, I did find it hard to remove them without touching the following wipe. However, Water Wipes are thick, moist and do the job efficiently. They smelled much nicer than other wipes and they didn’t leave a greasy feeling behind. I found I used less wipes to clean up dirty nappies and bottoms than our usual wipes. Because they aren’t stuffed full of nasty chemicals I also felt confident to use them on sticky hands and faces when out and about. Water Wipes offer parents and caregivers the naturalness of water and cotton wool with the convenience of disposable wipes.” Reviewed by Rebekah

We give WaterWipes 9 out of 10 and highly recommend these wipes.

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