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New Zealand Babywearing Week runs alongside the International Babywearing Week and celebrates not only the non profit babywearing groups but also celebrates the retailers who sell wraps, slings and carriers. Wearing your baby is a parenting technique that has been passed down through many generations and different cultures. In some cultures, it is common place for mums to wear their babies almost 24/7.

As a parent, using a baby carrier was always my preferred choice. I loved having baby close and I can’t over look the fact it made getting things so much easier. On the days when baby wouldn’t settle, it was great being able to pop her on my front (or back when they got older) and gently sooth her off to sleep while I got things done. This is invaluable when you have other children in your care.

I have put together my Top Ten of the best Baby Carriers available in New Zealand.

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Click on these links to find out more about each carrier and to purchase.

  1. Manduca Carrier
  2. Moby Wrap
  3. Storchenwiege Woven Wrap
  4. Designer Wrap
  5. Beco Gemini
  6. Baby Hawk Mei Tai
  7. Caboo Carrier
  8. Je Porte Mon Bebe Wrap
  9. Tula Carrier
  10. Ergo Baby

For more information about the benefits of baby wearing and the difference between the carriers, visit Slingbabies.

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