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The hearing of our little ones needs defending from our often-noisy modern life.

That’s when Banz Mini Muffs (for 0-2 years) are invaluable.

These sound-dampening earmuffs cut dangerous noise to a safe level, so even the youngest family members can participate fully in family activities – car racing, boating, fireworks, at music festivals/concerts and displays, in the garden, while around renovations, for noise-sensitive children – and in many more loud situations.

Banz Mini Muffs are Class 4 earmuffs (just one grade less than industrial strength!) and meet all international safety standards for hearing protection. The especially designed headband is lightly tensioned to avoid hard pressure over soft baby skulls and the ear cups are fully padded for maximum comfort.

Banz Mini Muffs are available in five lovely colours – Pale Blue, Pretty Pink, Spring Green, Silver and Lilac – and, along with Banz Protective Earmuffs for 2-10+ years, can be found here and at selected retailers nationwide, with an RRP of $44.50.

We have got a Baby Banz Mini Muffs in Spring Green (suitable for 0-2years) valued at $44.50 for one lucky reader.  See below for entry details.

Baby Banz Mini Muffs Giveaway

To enter visit to find the answer to the question below.

Finish this sentence: Banz Protective Earmuffs are designed for use by children from ___________ (hint: 6 words)

Fill in the entry form below and you are in the draw. Earn extra points by subscribing to our mailing lists and referring your friends!

Terms and Condition of Entry

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