Do I really need a maternity bra?

Mammy  Village Dual-Purpose Maternity BraBeing in the maternity specialize business we often have mums asking whether they should include maternity bra in their shopping list? The answer is yes.

“Pregnancy” is the period when a woman will encounter her greatest physical change in her lifetime, and yet most are completely taken by surprise. During pregnancy mums will experience substantial body change this include the change in breast size. After about four months, you will start feeling pressure while wearing your own bras. It is important to take care of your breasts as they can increase up to two cup sizes throughout the pregnancy.

A new set of bras will be needed when your original bras start feeling tight, you see indentation after taking your bras off and your cup size can no longer over your boobs properly.

It is highly recommended that you start wearing a Dual-purpose Nursing Bra® when you begin to feel uncomfortable when wearing your own bra.

During the pregnancy, Dual-purpose Nursing Bra acts as a maternity bra which gives extra space for breasts growing. It is comfortable with burden free covering. Maternity bras are normally unwired, this helps reduce pressures from your growing breasts yet can still preserve the perfect breast shape. With European Modal Fibres which gives high elasticity, excellent expansions and flexible fit throughout pregnancy and nursing periods. After childbirth, Dual-purpose Nursing Bra let you feed your baby in the most easy and convenient way with the front opening design. This design also allows you to massage your breast and exchange breast pads easily anywhere and anytime.

One bra that can get you through two of the precious periods. Our excellent Mammy Village Dual-Purpose Maternity Bra aimed to assist you towards any changes that may occur throughout pregnancy and nursing in order to help mums pass this period safely and smoothly.

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