Book Review: Tama the Kiwi Tiki Tours New Zealand

Tama the KiwiTama the Kiwi is a wonderful children’s story about Tama’s adventures from the very top of New Zealand at Cape Reinga, to the very bottom at Bluff.

The story is written by Kiwi Mum and traveller Beks Bongiovanni. As she has travelled the world she ‘desperately wanted to find a great kid’s book about New Zealand, that would also encourage them [her three children] to explore the world like I have’.

We definitely think she has succeeded! The rhythmic rhyming of the story makes for a lovely capturing read and on each page Tama visits a new part of New Zealand so we get to learn not only of his travels, but about places all over this beautiful country and what makes them all unique.

The subtle use of Maori language really adds to the depth of the story as readers get to experience tidbits of New Zealand culture not just from the places Tama visits, but also in the words.

The book is illustrated by Laker and each page is a delight for the eyes as amazing attention to detail has been paid, respecting all of the New Zealand destinations depicted. But he has still managed to keep the pictures appealing to children with beautiful colours and cute little characters.

Tama’s adventure around New Zealand is the first in a series of books about Tama. Keep an eye out for upcoming additions to Tama’s journey!

We would definitely recommend purchasing a copy of this delightful children’s book. At only $17.95 it’s a bargain! Especially as this price currently includes¬†free standard postage to NZ and Australia

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Tama the Kiwi


Book Review Written by Gemma, Editor at The Baby View

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