Are You in Dire Need of Sleep?

Sleep AppsThis is an article for those out there where Baby or Mum are in dire need of sleep. How many times is conversation with fellow mums or laypeople dominated by how many times the baby woke last night, when you’ll be able to move back into your actual room, how few hours the baby will sleep during the day and where is my perfect baby the book said I would have?!

Although there are many schools of thought of what to do to get a baby to sleep and stay asleep, there are a few simple things you can do that won’t require you reading book after book in the few quiet moments you get a day when the baby is visiting the land of nod.

Sleep apps – these are smartphone applications that play music designed to aid a baby into sleep with rhythmic sounds and beats.

Baby Snooze

Costing around $2.99 on iTunes, this app is designed to replicate the sounds Baby would have heard in the womb. It features a medley of rhythmic heartbeats, swishing and echoing to make them feel familiar and secure.

Baby Shusher

This app is free for both android and iPhone users and quite simply involves a shushing sound on repeat. It is a wonder for getting a baby to sleep, and if the baby cries over it, it automatically adjusts the volume.

White Noise Ambience

This was created by a sleep-deprived father of twins who had got to his wit’s end and found that certain white noise helped his twins sleep. It functions on the concept that a great way of drowning out background noise which can inhibit sleep is to overshadowing it with a whiter noise.

This is only available for iPhone users, however there is an android alternative White Noise App. The free version features 12 white noise sounds such as thunder, waves and a sprinkler, however the paid app has 50 white noise sounds to choose from.

Sound Sleeper

Related to the White Noise Ambient App is Sound Sleeper. It is a similar concept using white noise however its X-factor is that it is reactive – when it registers your baby crying it begins playing the white noise to lull them back to sleep.

Baby Sleep Care Pro

This app is available on iPhone for $1.99 and has a range of capabilities more than just playing sounds to get your baby to sleep. You can record your own sounds (whatever you find is useful for your situation) including your own voice and when the app detects the baby is awake, it will call a pre-programmed number to let you know. If you don’t have a baby monitor – this could be a cost effective alternative!

Sleepy Sounds

This is a free app for all smartphone users and as well as playing white noise sounds, nature sounds and lullabies, it can also play a calming animation. This acts as a night-light and soothes Baby off to sleep.

Lightening Bug Sleep Clock

This app is one for the Android users and is absolutely free. It is just like the others with a vast library of sounds and the ability to mix sounds to find a combination that works for your baby. The feature that sets this app apart is the alarm and snooze function which will stop you from falling asleep before your baby.


It can be a dark time having a baby that prefers to be awake and feeling so exhausted yourself, however any bit of help along the way can make a difference. A simple thing that makes a world of difference may simply be to download a sleep app. There are many reviews and apps out there but hopefully this provides a snapshot of some that may be of use. All the best!

Have you used any sleep apps? Which would you recommend? Let us know in the comments below or over on our Facebook page!


Nicola Contributor Writer for The Baby ViewNicola is a radiography student who lives in Christchurch in an all-boy household with her husband, husky puppy and cat. She is interested in all things creative, loves living near the beach and writes for a The Baby View among other commercial blogs.

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