Product Review: Jamberry Nail Wraps

Jamberry Nail WrapsHere at The Baby View we are all about Mummies as well as kiddies. We have the perfect opportunity for you Mummies to get a wee bit of home pampering! Love the sound of Jamberry but never got around to trying it? Take a look at our review and order your products below!

Before I became a Mum I used to paint my nails twice a week. I said it was because I had a corporate role and wanted to keep up appearances, but the truth of the matter was that I loved how pretty they looked and made me feel. Unfortunately now that I am a Mumma running her own businesses I don’t have much time for nail painting. But for all those busy Mums out there, Jamberry really could be the answer!

Until last week, I was a complete Jamberry virgin! But I read the easy to follow instructions, sat down at the dining room table with my sheet of wraps, my emery board, my hairdryer, my orange stick, alcohol wipes and nail scissors (don’t judge me that I could only find the safety kiddy ones!) to give myself a manicure.

It was so easy! The strips have a sticky adhesive back that you just heat up and apply to your nail. Then all you have to do is smooth it out and press down the edges with the orange stick, trim off the excess and file the edges. That’s it!


All up, it probably took me about 40mins to do. But as you get more practiced with these beautiful nail wraps then I think you could easily knock it out in much less time. The beauty of it is, that once you have it on your nails then it’s done. No time waiting for it to dry, no worries of chipping it by doing the dishes and no danger of smudging. There are so many beautiful styles to choose from also!

If you really do love nail polish then you can make one sheet of your Jamberry wraps last for ages by using them as accent nails in your manicure.



If you would love to purchase your own Jamberry wraps then you can contact Rachael Humphries via farmerjammer@gmail.comher website or Facebook.

Reviewed by: Gemma, Editor of The Baby View

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