Product Review: Gobstopperz Soother Companion

GobstopperzWhen the Gobstopperz Soother Companion arrived on the courier we were so excited to see it! It’s such a cute little device!

Created by a New Zealand Mum who was sick of doing the midnight dummy run, Gobstopperz solves many pacifier problems. Unable to find what she was looking for on the market, Brooke went about creating something that was functional on all levels. It holds the pacifier, has a cuddly and sensory satin loops for play.

There is a fabric loop that goes through the pacifier handle and clips back onto itself with a popper. This means that baby can find the pacifier themselves in the middle of the night and gives us Mamas the precious uninterrupted sleep that we need. Not only are they able to find their fallen pacifier, but the mink feel cuddly helps baby to comfort themselves and settle back down to sleep.

Attached to the bottom of the mink cuddly are 5 little tags. These are designed for sensory stimulation for baby’s touch. There are 4 satin tags and one non satin so that baby’s touch senses are tested by the different fabrics.

The biggest differential point between the Gobstopperz Soother Companion and other items on the market is the Roll, Wrap and Snap function. This allows you to wrap the pacifier up within the mink cuddly part so that the soother is kept clean. This is perfect for when leaving the house on an outing and when the pacifier has to go into a bag or pocket or similar!

The snaps on the mink cuddly part allow you to attach the Gobstopperz to anything, like the car seats, buggy straps, cots or clothing. Never lose that pacifier ever again!

We loved this product with its soft touch cuddly, its practicality for keeping the pacifier clean and the satin sensory tabs. It retails at $29.95 and you can get your very own from


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