Mum Runs – The Whole Family Benefits

Mum Runs

Mums, do you need a new challenge? Something that is just for you but ultimately your whole family will benefit?

My friends Alison at Run For Your Life and Jane at The Mother Hood have teamed up to help you. If you want to give yourself something then this 5km run programme could be for you. It’s aimed especially for mums and is not just a programme you can cut out from Runner’s World. It’s a supported programme with online calls, accountability buddies and so much more.

Some of the benefits of running are:

  • Overall mental health
  • Strengthens your lungs
  • Helps prevent high blood pressure
  • Strengthens immune system
  • Weight control
  • Physically strong legs
  • Relieves stress
  • Increased bone density
  • Increased joint strength and stability
  • Increased confidence

This programme is especially for you. The 5km Mum Run will take you from not being able to run to completing a 5km or 30 minute non-stop run.

When you sign up you will receive:

– A detailed 12 week programme
– A guide on what you need to get started
– Strength training guide
– Training journal to keep track of your progress
– Day to day support, motivation, ideas and advice

You will become part of our special Facebook group where you will be teamed up with an accountability buddy and each fortnight we will have an online coaching call for you to check in with your progress. You can ask questions and get feedback.

You should join this if you:

  • Are a mum
  • Want to give yourself some “me time”
  • Want to challenge yourself
  • Need stress relief
  • Want to find a community of mums just like you
  • Need encouragement
  • Don’t want to be alone

We cannot guarantee you will complete the challenge – that is down to you, but we will do all we can to give you the tools and support to get you there.

The first 25 to sign up will get an awesome medal to celebrate – you run and your family will get to share your achievement.

If you are interested in joining this awesome programme then head on over to Mum Runs 5km Programme here

Have you signed up for this programme? Let us know how you are getting on in the comments below or on our Facebook or Instagram pages with the hashtag #babyviewpics.

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