What do you Love Most About Being a Mum to Boys?

Being a Mum to Boys


Over on our Facebook page we asked you what your favourite thing is about being a Mum to boys and these were your responses…


“My boys tell me they love me all the time just because they do. Whereas my daughter only does when she wants something.”

“Having 3 boys I love reading these comments they are so full of affection. I can’t leave them at school or kindy without a kiss & cuddle and I can’t leave the house to do anything without being told a million times that they love me. They also love anything I sew for them.

“They are so… boyish!! Very cuddly and caring, very loud and fast! Mum to 4 boys between 1.5years and 8 years.”

“I have a girl and three boys while the boys are full on handfuls at least mumma holds the #1 spot where as my daughter’s fav parent was her step dad lol”

“That I can leave the house for a girl’s night out cause they are daddy’s boys wink emoticon lol has to be the fact I can run around in mud and sand cover myself in paint and all I have to say is I have boys”

“There is never a dull moment! I’m a mum of 3 boys with my 4th boy due in 9 weeks” 

“My boys are much more openly loving…and much more laid back than my daughter”

“That they are mummies boys I have 2 girls & my only boy”

 “I have 3, they are easy to shop for lol”

“They show so much love for their mummy.”

“Cuddles and kisses. Being asked when he was 3 if when he growns up he can marry me. And being told I am beautiful when I have dressed up to go out a real little sweetheat – shows his Dad up massively all the time.”

“The hugs and cuddles”


“Everything ♡”

“From a young age they become your protector. My son even gets jealous when daddy cuddles mummy!”

“Having my son tell me every day I’m the most beautiful girl in the world”


Did you not get a chance to respond on Facebook? we would love to hear your favourite thing about being a Mum to boys! Let us know in the comments below, or better yet, post us a picture to our Facebook or Instagram pages with the hashtag #babyviewpics.


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