The Importance of a Mum Community

Mum CommunityWe have all heard the old saying that it ‘takes a whole village to raise a child’. This saying is an old African proverb meaning that it takes a communal effort to raise a child. In the African sense this means that extended family have a large role to play often with grandparent’s, aunts, uncles, cousins, neighbours, friends all taking a part in caring for the child.

Now in a modern sense, involving all of these people is not always possible, or even viable. This is for many reasons, because we do not live near family, family and friends have different parenting ideas to us, they work or are otherwise occupied and are too busy with their own family situations. But it’s not to say that we don’t still need a community as parents.

You are always going to get advice on parenting. From your own parents, from your neighbours and friends, and from that wonderfully helpful stranger in the supermarket telling you to stop your child having a tantrum in the middle of the bread aisle (insert sarcastic tone here). This advice is not always going to be wanted, but sometimes it is.

We are all in this journey of motherhood together and we all know that some days it is no picnic. As a whole, it seems hard for us Mums to admit that everything is not perfect. That we will somehow be judged or persecuted for the fact that our child is not sleeping through the night from 6 weeks old, or that you had to feed your child chicken 14 nights in a row because that is the only meat they will eat.

Here’s the truth: NO CHILD IS PERFECT

No child sleeps perfect, eats perfectly, or behaves perfectly 100% of the time. If a parent declares this then they are telling a great big fib! Most of us Mums are fumbling our way through this parenthood journey the best way we know how.

And that is why you need your Mum Community, to maintain your sanity. Share your stories, share your knowledge and share your support.

Mum Communities come in many different forms…

  • Antenatal Group – this is a great community as you are all at the same stage and you will have children that are all of a similar age
  • Coffee Groups – many local communities develop local coffee groups and is a great excuse to get yourself, bubs and any other kiddies out of the house at regular intervals
  • Play Centres – recognise parents as the first teacher and as such they are parent led semi-educational sessions for families to attend, almost every area in New Zealand will have a Play Centre to join
  • Music Groups/Active groups – there are always lots of choices for young child activities. Libraries, Churches and Community Venues run many activities like music classes, story time, gym or dance classes
  • Facebook Groups – in a digital age Facebook groups are growing in popularity. Full of like minded parents all going through the same daily struggles of raising children. Often not being face to face can make communication about some topics easier. Friendship is also not bound by location.

We would LOVE to ask you to join our Baby View Mum’s Community over on Facebook. It’s a fantastic place to talk Mum stuff and connect with other Mums in a friendly and safe environment.

The added bonus is that you get access to lots of cool information, Member’s Only Giveaway items, the opportunity to tell your Mum story and to be able to share your talents if you are a Mumtrepeneur!

Join us here:

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Gemma Knight - BioGemma is a kiwi Mum of one and is the Editor for The Baby View. She also works with preschool children, loves cooking, loves sunshine, loves chocolate and loses countless hours at a time looking at cute baby pictures on Instagram!

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