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Meet the lovely Lois from Custom Keepsakes, she makes the most beautiful custom pieces to preserve your family’s memories! Read a little about who she is, what she does and her amazing business!

What do I do?

At Custom Keepsakes I simply do what the name says.  I design keepsake gifts and jewellery with you, with your loved ones in mind.  I specialise in capturing fingerprints (young and old) in fine silver, preserving artwork in silver or under resin, family inspired peapod jewellery, and personalising sterling silver jewellery using a hammer and metal stamp.  Fully handcrafted or personalised by hand makes each piece as unique as the person who inspired them.  In terms of what my role is at Custom Keepsakes, I’m everything from the creative jewellery designer and manufacturer, to the web designer, the marketing manager and the accounts person.  So I guess you can say at the end of the day the buck stops with me.


Why did you start your business

Being available for my kids particularly in their early years was really important to me, and trying to achieve this while working in the corporate environment simply didn’t work for me.  I resigned from corporate work and contracting, to be a full time mum.  During this time I reignited my creative passion making silver jewellery for myself, daughter and as the odd gift.  When friends started to ask me to make things, and then their friends joined in, I realised that there was an opportunity to be paid to do something that I love, work from home, and have the flexibility to be there for my children.

What do you love about it?

I love that I’m not selling something that is mass produced.  Each piece is personally created or embellished by myself to match the client requirements.  I love meeting the families and hearing the stories behind the keepsakes and knowing that the pieces I create are both meaningful and precious, but unlike a lot of precious jewellery, is designed to be worn every day, as opposed to sitting in a box.  Making others people happy is hugely rewarding especially when it’s through something I create.

What are your top 3 favourite products that Custom Keepsakes have produced?

  • I seriously LOVE creating fine silver fingerprints whether it be Pandora style charms, pendants, or key rings. I’ve created them with fingers as young as 4 months, and as old as 93.  I’ve taken prints of cancer victims whom want to leave something personal that they have touched for their loved ones, and fingerprints of unconscious people in hospital beds.  Every print is personal and special to the recipient.
  • Sterling silver cube pendants – these are simple and affordable and can capture the initials or symbols (hearts or stars) of up to 4 family members. They are both symbolic, and stylish, plus something that can be worn daily as opposed to saved for a special occasion.
  • Sterling Silver Custom Cufflinks and Key rings – I seriously love kids artwork, particularly their first drawings of people where they heads are huge, and the arms come out of their heads, and houses always have chimneys and crosses in the windows.  Sadly many of these precious pieces end up covered with fluff and food because they have slipped off the fridge magnet never to be seen again until you shift house or renovate your kitchen!!!!  I love reducing their size and preserving these images in a sterling silver key ring, pendant or cufflinks under a glasslike resin.  Just so precious!!!!

We think you should definitely check out Lois’ products, you will not regret it. Amazing keepsakes to treasure! If you have some of her products then let us know how much you love them in the comments below or over on our Facebook and Instagram pages!

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