Review: Mud Mates Craft Apron

Mud Mates Craft Apron

We absolutely love Mud Mates gear at The Baby View! We absolutely love Mud Mates gear at The Baby View! Earlier in the year we reviewed their Fitted Tablecloths and they are absolutely amazing! Read about that review here.


Mud Mates Craft Apron


Now, we have had the privilege of reviewing their amazing Craft Aprons! In the last review I mentioned my distaste for the mess that playdoh leaves everywhere, having the tablecloth solved the issue of playdoh being smeared all over the table, but it did not solve the issue of when a little person leans on a blob of playdoh with their elbow and it mushes so nicely into the sleeve fabric. This is particularly perilous in winter time with long sleeved tops!

Thankfully Mud Mates have thought of everything and their ingenious craft aprons solve this problem too! The aprons are more than just an apron. They slip on over the top of your child’s clothes, have long sleeves, are long in the body and fasten at the back with both a dome popper and a velcro strip.

The long sleeves keep any mess getting onto cuffs and elbows which is where general messy play mess is attracted to. The long length protects the tummy and lap area which is where dropped messy play gravitates to! So all in all, this super craft apron greatly reduces the chance of having to soak clothing to remove messy craft stains!

The back fixings have a dual benefit, one: they do not get in the way of the children when they are making creative masterpieces and two: they cannot reach the fixings to take them off! Another genius move as the little ones will not be able to remove them without grown up help, so you can wrap any mess within the apron as you take it off.

Just like the tablecloths they are made of 100% nylon so they repel the mess! Simply wipe them clean with a cloth and they are ready to go for the next round of messy play. Of course they can go in the washing machine too for any particularly resistant mess!

Mud Mates say:

“Made from a lightweight yet durable 100% nylon fabric they are water-resistant and perfect for keeping kids dry during water play.  They are comfortable and easy to wear without restricting the child’s movements. Like all Mud Mates garments, these craft aprons are individually handcrafted in New Zealand, machine-washable and quick drying.

Our art smocks are designed to be a generous fit around the body with an open back for comfort. They have an adjustable velcro back fastening and a snap-domed elasticated neckline to ensure total clothing protection.”


We can definitely recommend the Mud Mates Craft Apron to remove the mess headache of messy play! They don’t just protect from playdoh, but paint, glue, chalk, clay, water play, you name it! You can let your children have the time of their lives without needing to worry that they will wreck another set of clothes! They make amazing resources for the home and the classroom!

If you would like to purchase your own Mud Mates Craft Apron then you can buy them on the Mud Mates website. They come in blue, navy and red, are sized from 1-4 and retail at $24! Mud Mates are also able to custom make larger sizes if needed.


If you just love Mud Mates Products and want to grab some of your own, you can find them here…


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