Cheesy Brunch Pastry Ring


Pastry Ring


Cheesy Brunch Pastry Ring

Looking for something impressive to serve Brunch guests that is actually pretty easy to make? Then you have come to the right place! This cheesy pastry ring is packed full of naughties like cheese, bacon, chicken and BBQ sauce to make a taste sensation!

I have seen these types of things lurking around on Pinterest leading up to holiday weekends and had always wanted to try making one. When we were due to have brunch guests with 3 pre-teen boys I knew this was going to be a hit!

I googled the logistics of how to assemble a pastry ring and was away! While the assembly is a wee bit fiddly, it was still made within 30mins!

Here is the recipe for you to recreate…


2x sheets of premade Puff Pastry
1 Cup grated cheese
100g diced bacon
100g cooked shredded chicken (I used leftover roast chicken)
BBQ Sauce
Milk for brushing the pastry


1. Cut the pastry sheets into long, thin triangles

2. Arrange the triangles into a circle (like in the below image)

Pastry Ring

3. Place the grated cheese, diced bacon and shredded chicken around the ring part of the formation. Put a squiggle of BBQ sauce on the top

Pastry Ring

4. Tuck in the triangles one by one so that the point goes under the centre of the ring (this is the fiddly part!)

5. Brush the outside of the pastry with milk

6. Bake at 200ºC for 15-20mins, or until golden brown

7. Enjoy!

We served this with a little bit of tomato relish and the kids just ate it plain. Let’s just say it didn’t last long enough to have leftovers!


Have you made this recipe? Let us know how it turned out in the comments below or over on our Facebook page. Better yet, post us a picture of your creation in Instagram with the hashtag #babyviewpics !


Gemma Knight - BioGemma is a kiwi Mum of one and is the Editor for The Baby View. She also works with preschool children, loves cooking, loves sunshine, loves chocolate and loses countless hours at a time looking at cute baby pictures on Instagram!

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