16 School Holiday Activities for the Kids!

Eeeek, school holidays are upon us again here in New Zealand! The first couple of days are always great as you go through the usual activities, but once the books have been read, the lego has been played and the rooms have been ransacked, the activity ideas start to wane! Boredom coupled with bad weather is not a fun mix to deal with.

But don’t panic! The Baby View has you covered! We have 16 awesome ideas of activities for the kids to do these school holidays! One for each day!

Here we go…

1. Winter Activities List

Activities for the kids

Our fabulous writer Alexandra has put together a super comprehensive list of ideas. It includes places to go, things to do and so much more. From bush walks, bike rides and clean outs, to museum trips and visits to the pet store. Check out the list here.

2. Easy Baking

Activities for the kids

Our friends at Hunter Gatherer have you covered for easy healthy baking for the kids with their baking mixes! Their paleo mixes are gluten free, grain free, dairy free and can be used to create a range of different baked treats! They have heaps of recipe ideas on their site; order them online and they ship them right to your door. Check them out here.

3. Livening Up a Walk!

Activities for the kids

Hitting the pavement or park for a walk? Then Outdoorsy NZ have 5 ways to make it the coolest walk you have ever taken! Check out the ideas here.

4. Coloured Rice for Imaginative Play!

Activities for the kids

Ready for some imaginative play? Then make some of this Coloured Rice from Happy Mum Happy Child. Not only does it look so pretty, you can use it to make decorations, spoon from one place to the next, bury things in it, sort it into colours. The possibilities are endless! Check it out here.

5. Have a PJ Party in a Fort!

Activities for the kids

Grab some blankets and some chairs (or other bits of furniture) and make a blanket fort in the lounge. Everything is more fun in a fort, especially if you stay in your PJs all day! Reading books, colouring, shining torches onto the roof inside, tweaking your fort design. Here is a super easy tip for a fort, get 4 chairs (or similar furniture items) and lay them out in a square, get a fitted sheet and stretch it across the 4 chairs. Instant roof! You can also lay blankets over the dining room table for another easy fort!

6. Fizzy Baking Soda Paint

Activities for the kids

Ready to get a little bit messy? This Fizzy Baking Soda Paint from our friends at Mud Mates is all kinds of cool! Science experiment and art project all rolled into one! All the ingredients are easy to find and you can use a range of different painting techniques, brushes, sponges, squirty bottles and spray guns. Check it out here.

7. Scavenger Hunts

Activities for the kids

Get outside and practice those observation skills! Our friends at Little Kiwis Nature Play have put together 2 simple scavenger hunt templates for you to print out and use. Check them out here.

8. Make Paper Planes!

Activities for the kids

Such a simple thing. A piece of paper folded in just the right way can create hours of fun! That’s what our friends at My Fun Box discovered! You can have races, see who can throw them the farthest, throw them through hoops, throw them over a string, so many possibilities! Check out some folding tips here. My Fun Box also have heaps of other activity packs available for purchase!


9. Have a Dance Party!

Activities for the kids

Pump up the sounds on the stereo, grab your favourite CDs, grab the I-Pod, grab YouTube or however you like to play your tunes and boogie! Dance like no one is watching. To kit you started, kindyRock kids music have 3 free songs for you to download! Grab them here.

10. Have a Microadventure

Activities for the kids

Microadventures are designed to be a quick little outdoor adventure that require very little planning and equipment. Exploring, discovering, wondering, playing, learning, all vital experiences as a child! Try finding your way with a compass and map, or search for bugs, or make and fly a kite. We have heaps of options to check out here.

11. Super Easy Baking

Activities for the kids

Who doesn’t love home baking? Well, Wicked Wellbeing have some tasty Banana Oat Cookies for us to bake up. With only 5 ingredients they are super easy to whip up and are full of only good ingredients! Check out the recipe here.

12. Decorate Your Own Paper Dolls

Activities for the kids

This is the coolest activity from Kids Activities Blog! You can colour in your own paper dolls, then cut them out and play with them! Hours of fun! We would recommend that you print the template onto some thick paper so they don’t easily rip! Check it out here.

13. Balloon Fun

Activities for the kids

Inspiration for this idea came from a post I saw on Learn With Play at Home where they made bats to hit balloons with out of paper plates and rulers. Then my mind starting wandering on all the other cool things you could do with balloons.
–  Get two fly swatters and use them to pick the balloons up
–  Have races with the balloons between your knees
–  Rig up a string between two points (make sure you make one end detachable). Tape a straw to an deflated balloon, and thread the straw onto the string. Secure the second point. Blow up the balloon but do not tie it, let it go and it will race along the string.
–  Using the same string, play balloon volleyball
–  Simply blow up a balloon and then let it go without tying it up

14. Marble Play Dough (Regular and Gluten Free)

Activities for the kids

Not just your regular play dough! Marbled in colour and a gluten free option, Teacher By Trade Mother By Nature has us covered with this great recipe. Get your creative moulding on here.

15. Do a Park Tour

Activities for the kids

See how many of your local parks, playgrounds or beaches you can visit in a day. Take a photo and pick up a different treasure (leaves, rocks, sticks, feathers, shells, etc) at each of the places. Then when you get home you can talk about your treasures and your favourite thing from each place. Finally, you can make a collage of your treasures, or put them in a special box to remember your fun day!

16. Selfie Dress Up Madness

Activities for the kids

Budding photographers and fashionistas will love this one. Pick outfits for each family member and take funny photos of you all posing. Let your imaginations run wild, classy outfits, silly outfits, yellow outfits, cowboys, princesses, toilet paper suits, paper pirate hats, sheet togas, anything you can think of. Don’t forget to take photos of each outfit. In days, weeks, months, years to come you will look back on those photos and remember the fun you had that day. Make memories!


I hope you loved our list of activities for the 2 weeks of the school holidays. We would LOVE to hear your ideas for activities. Post them in the comments below or over on our Facebook page. Better yet, post us a pic to Instagram of you in the midst of your activity with #babyviewholidaypics


Gemma BlogGemma is a kiwi Mum of one and is the Editor for The Baby View. She also works with preschool children, loves cooking, loves sunshine, loves chocolate and loses countless hours at a time looking at cute baby pictures on Instagram!

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