PRODUCT REVIEW: Hot Milk Nursing Bra

Hot Milk BraWe were super lucky here at the Baby View team to be able to review one of Hot Milk’s amazing Nursing Bras, here is what our feeding Mama had to say about the product…


Hot Milk Nursing Bra

Since the beginning of my maternity bra days (2 and a half years ago!) I have coveted a Hot milk set. But the price and my own self-confessed fussiness held me back. Would I like it? Would it be comfortable? Would the lace irritate me? I have to admit I was scared of spending money on a bra I wouldn’t wear.
When the bra arrived in the mail I loved the ‘happiness’ of the pink and purple colour combination. I worried about the lace being irritating but it just looked comfy! From the moment I put it on if felt great, fully supportive, the lace was soft and didn’t irritate me at all.


Lady in Hot Milk BraFit and Feel

It was easy to adjust the straps to ensure a great fit even while it was on. The hooks on the back were easy to do up and it didn’t move around and ride up under my breasts as I chased my toddler around the back garden. I liked the way it moulded to the natural shape of my breasts; rather than giving me a silhouette to rival Madonna in her music video’s in the 80’s! I had previously avoided soft cup bras with seams in the middle of the cup for this reason.


The cup folded back perfectly and stayed that way while my son fed. He loved the texture often stroking it while he fed! The only drawback was that I couldn’t do the clip back up with one hand after he had finished feeding. But I put this down to the newness of the bra and the detailing that sits above the clip, which could easily be removed if necessary. I also loved that the bra still fitted as my breasts lost their fullness when my milk supply diminished with pregnancy. I have confidence it will still fit perfectly as they increase in size again!

Over all I loved the bra and will definitely be buying some more as my current pregnancy progresses!


Where Can I Buy?

If you love this beautiful and versatile bra then you can grab yours from Hot Milk’s website here. They come in a great range of sizes, from 10A to 16H and have matching knickers to each bra! The bras retail at $69.95 each.


Kerrin and CianHi my name is Kerrin Miller.  I am a mum of one with another on the way.  I am a trained Early Childhood teacher who worked in centres here in NZ and as a Nanny overseas before the birth of my son who is now 2.  I am currently an in home educator which allows me to combine my passion for great early childhood education with being a mum which is my greatest joy.

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