Product Review: Fern Feeders from August Boutique

Fern Feeders


Fern Feeders

“What an amazing contraption!”

I happened to the testing the Fern Feeder for this review when my Nana popped in. Now after the stereotypical ‘We didn’t have anything like this in my day’ comments, she was actually overly impressed when I explained to her how it worked. Then she came out with the above comment. And she is right! Fern Feeders are an amazing contraption!

Shaped like an oversized pacifier, they are perfect for little hands to hold with an easy grip handle. The teat part is the perfect size to fit comfortably in a little mouth and the holes let out just the right amount of food. We tried mandarin in our feeder and it let all the juicy flesh out and kept the skin inside, so you don’t end up with half chewed mandarin skin lying on your floor!

Apart from the benefits for feeding it is really well designed for cleaning. The hard plastic handle and surrounds are really easy to clean with no unnecessary nooks and crannies. The teat part removes from the rest of the feeder so that you can thoroughly and easily clean it. It also has a handy travel cover so that you can use it when you go out as well.

It is really ideal as it removes the risk of choking. I was always paranoid about my daughter choking on small pieces of food, but now with the fern feeder that isn’t an issue. She also loves eating with it as she can do it herself. We can also try a variety of foods and flavours in the feeder as she is so comfortable with using it.

During teething, you can also put frozen foods in the feeder to help with pain.


If you would like to grab your own Fern Feeder then you can purchase them from August Boutique for $11.50 each or $30.50 for a pack of 3.

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Reviewed by: The Baby View Review Team

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