Win: 3x Moh Doh Aromatherapy Play Dough Pots

These gorgeous pots of Moh Doh Play Dough from Little Well Beings are infused with essential oils to encourage fun, relaxing play sessions. We have 3 pots to giveaway!

About Moh Doh

Moh Doh Aromatherapy play dough is a unique fun dough that soothes and calms while kids play. Available in 6 different essential oil blends each with a different effect.

  • Chill Out – to calm and chill overstimulated minds Moh Doh Competition
  • Travel Time – for before or during travel
  • On the Ball – for increased alertness
  • ZZZzzzz – To help kids fall and stay asleep
  • No Worries – to calm and soothe tense or worried minds
  • Breathe- to help clear the sniffles and improve cough cold symptoms

Check them out along with other awesome products for kids health and happiness at Little Well Beings. Visit the website at or visit their Facebook page for more.Moh Doh Fun

Enter to win here:

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