Toy Review – The Oombee Cube from Jumpin Jack Toys

This great little toy is the perfect updated version of the old classic shape sorter. With the main aim being to help teach little ones to recognize different shapes and fit them into the matching slots this version brings much more to the table, including teaching colour and shape recognition and tactile fun too.

Plus they have cleverly solved the only issue with the first version – the shapes are now conveniently attached with a short sturdy strings which means no more missing pieces!

We sent out the Oombee Cube to one of our Reviewer Mums Anna and her cute wee boy Gus, and it was a hit!

“When the Oombee cube arrived I think it was the bright Oombee Cubecolours that attracted Gus at first- he couldn’t wait to get his hands on it!”

At the earlier end of the recommended age group the Oombee Cube provides the opportunity to learn about colours and shapes, and as they grow the toy continues to encourage fine motor skills, sensory learning, tactile exploration, visual-spatial skills.

“The Oombee Cube is beautifully constructed and pleasingly tactile, plus with the pieces being attached there’s no chance of them getting lost and the toy losing functionality. Definite thumbs up for improving hand/eye Oombee cubecoordination”

Because babies love to explore toys as much with their mouths as their hands there is comfort in knowing that the toy is made with only the safest materials.The rubbery, textured, squishy shapes are made of 100% food-grade, BPA-free silicone – great for teething!

“While he is not quite able to get the shapes into the slots yet he is loving all the other aspects of the toy in the mean time and grasping the concepts day by day.”

The Oombee Cube takes shape sorting fun to the next level by adding soft silicone materials, sturdy safe strings and the tactile grooves on each shape make it even more fun for little fingers to explore.
Oombee cube

“It’s is a firm favourite in the toy box and when friends visit their little ones make a beeline for it straight away too. There is something really appealing about it.”

Want to see more? The Oombee Cube by Fat Brain Toys is available at for $39.99, with 15% off for The Baby View readers, enter the code bv15 at the checkout.


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