Book Review – Waata the Weta by Josephine Carson Barr

There is nothing like snuggling up on the couch or in bed and reading a story with your child.

Apart from being a lovely way to spend time together, there are lots of other benefits that regular reading time brings. Within books children discover wonderful worlds which encourages imaginative play. Regular reading has also been shown to improve reading skills, enrich vocabulary, improve communication skills and boost self esteem.

New Zealand Author Josephine Carson Barr has captured the wonders of a great children’s story in her delightful book ‘Waata the Weta’.

Waata the Weta

“Waata is a brave, adventurous young Weta who is on the search for the perfect home. Along the way there are many mishaps and adventures”

A Kiwi touch makes this story even more special for kiwi kids as Waata’s journey takes him through many distinctly New Zealand scenarios.

A mini ‘epic’ Waata the Weta has an easy to read comic style layout and bright fun illustrations making the book experience even more fun.

About the Author:

Josephine Carson Barr has written in many genres over the years but has now chosen to focus primarily on children’s books. Jo’s talent for storytelling shines through in her 3 children’s books, ‘Waata the Weta’, ‘The Goodbye Chair’, and ‘Talking to Nanny’. Her stories are enjoyed by children and adults alike.

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