Helping Children Embrace Diversity – The Barefoot Book of Children

Teaching our children to embrace social diversity and celebrate human differences is key to creating a peaceful integrated society.

Barefoot Book of Children‘The Barefoot Book of Children’ with hand-painted illustrations and straight forward text invites children to ask themselves: How do other children live? How are we different? And most importantly: How are we alike? 

The Barefoot Book of Children is a playful, powerful and thought-provoking celebration of both the big ideas and the everyday moments that reveal our common humanity and tie us all together.   

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This is a book like none other. Meet kids who are not often depicted in children’s books: kids who wear an eye patch or have Down Syndrome; who follow Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Judaism or no religion at all; who have biological, adopted, step- and foster-parents; who communicate in sign language or have a parent in the military.

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