Magical Parks – bringing the Digital and Natural Worlds together

If you thought it ended with ‘Pokemon Go’ think again! Parks around New Zealand have a secret digital world where kids can explore virtual worlds of fun whilst running around in the fresh air.

After a successful trial last year selected parks around the country are hosting the GEO AR app which is available free on Google Play and The App Store. The App offers 2 different virtual worlds one named Augmentia that features a giant blue dragon and the other DinoLand where players can hunt for dinosaur eggs and interact with prehistoric creatures.

Magical Parks combine the natural and digital worlds to create fun and adventure for kids of all ages

Created with the aim to get digitally minded kids outside into nature the App Designers have created an interactive online world within the parks allowing kids to get outdoors and run around while having fun that only the online world can offer. Visit the magical parks Facebook page for more information : or to find a park near you visit:

While some say it is better for kids to play outside and leave the tablets at home, other parents see the lure of the App aa a great way to get kids keen to get out into nature – even if they do have a device with them.

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